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People lie. All the time. They rarely tell the truth. Even if they do, it's always half truths. Weird. Why can't they just tell the truth? I mean, are half truths better than the real truths?

I myself can't say the truth out loud. The truth about my feelings, the truth about what I don't like, the truth about the things I did in the past and many more. Why? Because most of them are unbearable. Most of the truths are regrets.

It's hard, it's cold, it's bitter.

When you see an ugly person, you either lie to that person by saying he/she is nice and pretty the way he/she is or you lie to yourself saying that the person must have a beautiful personality.

You lie to yourself when you found out that your life is shattering in front of your own eyes by saying that everything's gonna be okay. You lie to those around you when you told them that you're alright when the truth is, you're dying inside.

Your friends lied to you and told you that your bf is seen out with his cousin when thetruth is, they knew he was out with another girl.

The reasons why people lie:

1. To be polite.
2. To comfort one's self.
3. To just hide the cruel truth.

I lie a lot. Especially to myself. Pretending I'm gonna be better when I know, I'm not that strong.

P/s : thanx so much id!


red pisces said...

as long as people around u and especially u, happy.....i believe to be a 'sunat' or 'harus' cheater is very worth...

tiArA EmiLY said...

thanx rais,
really appreciate it!