LONG time no sEE folks!

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Hi there!

It's been a while i haven't take any effort
to update my blog
eventhough i pay a visit to
'Tiara's life' almost everyday...
I thought I want to write a report about the
Program Jejak Kegemilangan
that 100%ly coordinated by all PPOU members
as the mentor of the programme
which is still related
to our community project,
but my dear friend, Azizul (i link his name under Uniten Buddies)
has wrote it perfectly on his own words
so as my time now is loading
with loads of things especially
working and working and working
plus the holidays
and convocation bazaar on the past 22-24th august
I suggest
you should click to his blog and
njoy reading!
(P/s : Azizul's blog is amazing!)
I wont have time to write full report
but then,
I 'll try to add picts
as I found them interesting to share with you folks,
I'll report for the convo bazaar..soon!
Pray for me (^_^)!


wizcakes said...

Tiara, that hug is always around the corner. Whenever you feel like you need some warmth from a motherly figure and from Azan, just wait for me near those stairs, I climb my way up from the ground floor to the 5th almost everyday. So make sure you bump into me k.

I am so happy that you loved everything Azan has sent you. It was his ideas and thoughts all the way.

tiArA EmiLY said...

To ms wiz,

I really appreciate it! Thanks so much. I'll bump into you whenever possible then, hehe..

I didnt know that all those lovely things that have sent to me were actually his ideas tau..luckily you told me,

Thanks Again Ms Wiz!
May Allah bless you and your family!
Always. Forever~