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People lie. All the time. They rarely tell the truth. Even if they do, it's always half truths. Weird. Why can't they just tell the truth? I mean, are half truths better than the real truths?

I myself can't say the truth out loud. The truth about my feelings, the truth about what I don't like, the truth about the things I did in the past and many more. Why? Because most of them are unbearable. Most of the truths are regrets.

It's hard, it's cold, it's bitter.

When you see an ugly person, you either lie to that person by saying he/she is nice and pretty the way he/she is or you lie to yourself saying that the person must have a beautiful personality.

You lie to yourself when you found out that your life is shattering in front of your own eyes by saying that everything's gonna be okay. You lie to those around you when you told them that you're alright when the truth is, you're dying inside.

Your friends lied to you and told you that your bf is seen out with his cousin when thetruth is, they knew he was out with another girl.

The reasons why people lie:

1. To be polite.
2. To comfort one's self.
3. To just hide the cruel truth.

I lie a lot. Especially to myself. Pretending I'm gonna be better when I know, I'm not that strong.

P/s : thanx so much id!

Special thanks to Ms Wiz!

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It was a Thursday morning in August when I first met with Ms Wiz personally ( not exactly personally as Ila accompanied me ). It was 8.10 a.m., to be precise and I happen to know exactly what time it was because I looked at my watch. In my counseling class with Pn Husni, checking the watch is one of the sign to show nervousness as one of the non-verbal communication. Well, actually I dont know why I did, because I didnt need to be anywhere by any specific time. But I believe there's a reason for everything so perhaps..I checked my watch at that time just so I could tell you my story properly. Details are important in storytelling, aren't they???
I was glad I met her that morning because I was a bit down after having to send my special friend, Azan. He couldnt see me any more. But it doesnt really matter because he's happier now and that's what's important, I suppose. Having to send him at KLIA last two weeks was not a very nice part, but I believe in finding a positive side in everything, so the way I see it is, if it wouldnt for the reason of studying..he wouldnt leave me, see???
Specially dedicated to Ms Wiz,
If you are reading this..I want to express my special thanx for the scrumptious chocalate cake, for your warmest biggest hug, for being there when I miss him too much..you're so AMAZING!
I am so flattered in every single thing that you've done for us.
Lots of love,
tiArA (^_^)

LONG time no sEE folks!

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Hi there!

It's been a while i haven't take any effort
to update my blog
eventhough i pay a visit to
'Tiara's life' almost everyday...
I thought I want to write a report about the
Program Jejak Kegemilangan
that 100%ly coordinated by all PPOU members
as the mentor of the programme
which is still related
to our community project,
but my dear friend, Azizul (i link his name under Uniten Buddies)
has wrote it perfectly on his own words
so as my time now is loading
with loads of things especially
working and working and working
plus the holidays
and convocation bazaar on the past 22-24th august
I suggest
you should click to his blog and
njoy reading!
(P/s : Azizul's blog is amazing!)
I wont have time to write full report
but then,
I 'll try to add picts
as I found them interesting to share with you folks,
I'll report for the convo bazaar..soon!
Pray for me (^_^)!

130808 i love you~

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im not a kid.
i dont want to be treated like one.
im not stupid either.
i know what i have to do.
n im sick of inconsiderate, selfish people.
drama shouldnt be my main concern now.
i have a community project to complete by end of this year.
whats so wrong with me missing a couple of memories??
others can do it on the basis of having a flu,or hust oversleeping.
i have work!!
the freaking project is going to be my priority.
plus the outstanding assignment to pass up.
i dont know how to complete my coding.
it's been a year
today is suprising
i was like dumbfounded by unsolved mysteries
i need to see psychologist
i need to hear from him
everyone seems understand and shows their empathy faces
time is life,
and now i know my life will always be
like it should be
no more tears
move forward
and S.M.I.L.E :)

1st August = to???

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What does the 1st of August means to me??
Hmm.. *think2*
For all of you lost souls,1st August is "Friendship Day"!!!!Wee..
Let's talk about this event related PPOU first, alright?
The members of the hall have discussed, and we came to a decision that providing 'dedication' service is the most appropriate activity for this kind of day.
And the luckiest person to take this big responsibility were Ct, and Azizul.
Since the event is going to be held in the last week of the month, we planned and decided to sell these :

Set A : Chocalaties ( got Cadbury, Nips, Cloud 9, Kisses, and so on)

Set B : Lollichoc ( got Chupa Chup's Lollipop and 5 cadburies..)

Set C : Twinapple ( got one RED apple and one GREEN apple)

Set D : Spacyflower ( roses...RED, PINK, and YELLOW in colour)

Loads of hardwork, passion, and cooperation were needed to make this event a success.
As the saying goes, " Perseverance will pays in the end"..I should be proud to say that all of PPOU *especially to the GIRLS who gave their best and hundred and ten percent cooperation in making this "Friendship Day Request" a success (accocrding to the plans).

Here are some photos that I captured during the making of the 'Friendship Day Request' :

~kak izwani is working with the ribbon~

~from left : kak husna(laila), fika, dayah,ila_cute, and tiArA(selotape specialist..ahaks)~

~from left : naimah (holding the CHOCALATIES), kak alia, fika (again?), fikri (working with the ribbon's decoration), and kak nad~

~from left : naimah(again?), najwa, nor, sahrul, azizul, rais, and lee (working with the choc's)~

~from left : kak zawani, izzat, fizuan, hairul, mohsin, and ajim (lollichoc specialist!)~

Before that, I would like to wish ' Happy Birthday' to kak Husna. Hope your dreams will come true! All the best in your life~

And also,
I would like to wish "Happy Friendship Day" and special thAnks to:
  • My Hogryslywarts Team (Rafidah, Syazana, Atiqah, Fadhilah, and Hidayah) for always be there supporting me no matter how hard I fell, how arduous I tried to reach my goals, how difficult my life in past, present and future~ I LOVE YOU ALL!!! damn much though,
  • XoXo : for endless love and care..friends forever?
  • my Chesco : especially to Mok, Mama Nawarah, Mawar, dorm mates E3-1 etc.
  • PPOU ;
    - the closest : Kak Izwani, Ajim, and Ila (thanx untuk segalanya~ syg kamu semua)
    - Fatin Aqilah, Kak Zawani (I am truly inspired by your leadership and motivation skills)
    - my housemate : Sapura, Adibah, Sarah
    - Faige, Najwa, Ct, Dayah, kak husna, kak fifi (for your effort and creativity to colour the rainbow of our friendship)
    - kak Alia, kak Nad, Diyana, Naimah, Fika (for your strength and cooking skills..ahaks~)
    - hamdi (for calling me cikgu all the time and thrust!..heh)
    - and all MOE, FELDA, BNM, MARA buddies (it's the best memories ever to knowing you all~it's an honour having all of you as friends~))
  • my SPC's friends : Khalil, Alyn, Nira, Azie, and Jasmin (korang sume best!)
  • sahabat2 seluruh dunia yang mengenali atau tidak mengenali saya..(HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!)
tiArA (^_^)