The King And I

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Nowadays, people always forget to watch classic movies..or maybe, it was so hard to have the opportunity to watch them just because it was difficult to find them or maybe there's a little expose to this type of movies.

But today, Miss lecturer, introduced us ( my friend and I ) to watch 'The King And I', a classic movie, as my classmate gave such an 'uuhhh..noo' sounds and we have to watch the movie at that period of time.

I have watched 'Anna And The King' before, which quite similar with 'The King And I' story, and in my opinion, personally...I like those movies so much! The plots and conflicts between those two movies were slightly different but overall, it attracts me a lot!

I have given a task to give my point of view about 'The King And I' movie that I just watched, me, its funny though but contains lots of moral value which I think suitable for the peers to catch for it. For instance, I am very impressed with Madam Anna who is very strong, brave and high spirited women which was so hard to find that type of women nowadays. She sticks to her principes and brave enough to give her opinion and advise the King of Siam.

Its really funny movie..except for certain songs which made us sleepy yet, meaningful if we feel the songs attentively. For the ending, although I knew that Anna and the King will not be together, I certainly did not agree with the ending of dying King and Anna's sadness...I prefer it to be a happy ending, Anna will be staying in the palace or the house that the King had promised for, the King will remains to be the King of Siam and they will live happily ever after, or else..the King married with Anna and together they broaden Siamese perspective in becoming the devoloping country.

Huhu, it was just my opinion and I hope I will enjoy watching this kind of movies later on, so last but not least, I really enjoy this movie and special thanks to Miss Eliza who gave us such a great opportunity!


Food Allergies (Nutrition)

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Hello there,

On this issue, I have to talk about either excercise, nutrition, or health. I choose to the Nutrition topic because it attracts me a lot. I have done my research and I have found many interesting articles related to this topic. Eventually, I decided to share some information about 'Food Allergies' that I gathered from one or two websites.

~Food Allergies~
Each year, millions of peoples have allergic reactions to food. Although most food allergies cause relatively mild and minor symptoms, some food allergies can cause severe reactions, and may even be life-threatening.
There is no cure for food allergies. Strict avoidance of food allergens — and early recognition and management of allergic reactions to food — are important measures to prevent serious health consequences.
As a result, food labels will help allergic consumers to identify offending foods or ingredients so they can more easily avoid them.

What Are Major Food Allergens?
While more than 160 foods can cause allergic reactions in people with food allergies, the law identifies the eight most common allergenic foods. These foods account for 90 percent of food allergic reactions, and are the food sources from which many other ingredients are derived.

The eight foods identified by the law are:
Fish (e.g., bass, flounder, cod)
Crustacean shellfish (e.g. crab, lobster, shrimp)
Tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans)

What To Do If Symptoms Occur?
The appearance of symptoms after eating food may be a sign of a food allergy. The food(s) that caused these symptoms should be avoided, and the affected person, should contact a doctor or health care provider for appropriate testing and evaluation.
====> Persons found to have a food allergy should learn to read labels and avoid the offending foods. They should also learn, in case of accidental ingestion, to recognize the early symptoms of an allergic reaction, and be properly educated on — and armed with — appropriate treatment measures.
====> Persons with a known food allergy who begin experiencing symptoms while, or after, eating a food should initiate treatment immediately, and go to a nearby emergency room if symptoms progress.

Allergic reactions can include:
Flushed skin or rash
Tingling or itchy sensation in the mouth
Face, tongue, or lip swelling
Vomiting and/or diarrhea
Abdominal cramps
Coughing or wheezing
Dizziness and/or lightheadedness
Swelling of the throat and vocal cords
Difficulty breathing
Loss of consciousness

About Other Allergens
Persons may still be allergic to — and have serious reactions to — foods other than the eight foods identified by the law. So, always be sure to read the food label's ingredient list carefully to avoid the food allergens in question.

So, the conclusion is...If you are one of the person that might be allergic to any kind of thing especially to those things that I mentioned before, please be CAREFUL!!!

Last but not least, see you in the next post!!!

Courses That I Take In PPOU,

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Assalamualaikum aka Peace Upon You,

On this issue, I would like to tell you about the courses that I take in PPOU programme,

Before I proceed any futher, I have to let you know the subject that I have to learn throughout the semester..The subjects are: Physics, Chemistry, Maths,Academic Study Skills, and last but not least..IEALTS!

I am under MOE( Ministry of Education) scholarship that have been offered to take Special Education[ all my friends here just called it as SE ]...hmmm, actually I was applying for Chemistry as the major course but maybe because of the interview that I have attend, the interviewer may find me capable enough to take this big responsibility as the Special Education teacher..huhu,

As my highly interest to be a teacher, I eventually accepted the offer and think positively towards it that someday I can contribute my part to my own people especially to the special one!

So, the classes started two weeks ago and I find that it was lucky to be here to study with all my friends(which I can get along with them nicely and closely), with all the smart, fantastic and talented lecturers, with the good facilities and also the surroundings of studying!

When I was in form 4 and 5, I just dont like physics...maybe it was because of the all kind of formulas that I did not understand how to derive it and all those thinking stuff like that...I prefer biology(reading type).
But here, as I entered Dr Yusri's class...I was like..Oh my God, why I was so late to realize that PHYSIC IS FUN! hahah, Now, whenever physics class are going to start I will sooo and sooo excited!

I always like chemistry so much...and I did not have lots of trouble in chemistry for now...with all the notes and complete explaination + examples given from Dr Saifuddin, I kindly can cope with this subject...for now...and I hope for ever!!!

Maths are very challenging...everyone knows it! So, its quite hard to explain about this subject though,
Hopefully, I will do my maths with flying colours..and that's a PROMISE!!!

=====>Academic Study Skills,
Madam Fatimah always make me impress on her speaking, her experiences, and how she manage her life so well...I was so inspired to be like her. She tought us about knowing yourself, health managemant, reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, time managemant, money managemant, reference skills, and speaking skills..almost everything about academic study skills right?

Talking about time management, I find that studying in the university is totally different from studying in the secondary school..I have to do everything on my one will guide me or advice me when to study when to eat and etcetera...its like rather difficult to be in this sitution than thinking of it, but...sooner or later..I think I will manage it, Insya-Allah!
As the saying goes, "Fail to plan is planning to fail", I'd better be careful and keep my eyes open and also be ready if there any obstacles that might happen in future..

=====> IEALTS
I have to take IEALTS as I will be flying either to Australia or New Zealand, its like MUET and TOEFL but I think its herder than anything else..hahah, but theres no IMPOSSIBLE..theres always POSSIBLE to success on, keep telling to myself that I CAN DO IT!!!!Fighting!

Maybe that's all for now,
we will meet soon!

Starting A New Life here..

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Hello there..
Actually I dont know what to write but I think I just want to tell about my ambition which brought me Uniten to be in such an extraordinary person..INsyaALLAH!!!
Since I was a kid, I always want to be a mom did not know,because she always have a dream that her kids will be a doctor, engineer, pharmacist, pilot, and so on...So, I was like dont want my mom to be dissappointed just because I want to be like her, to be a TEACHER!
In my school, I used to be an attentive and very determined to success..but, unfortunately, for my UPSR I've not get the full A's..while my other classmates got 5A's...and when that happened it tought me a loTTTT!!!
As the saying goes, When theres a will, theres always a, I've turned to be extra hardworking and not giving it up, pray to Allah SWT, the perseverance paid in the end...I've got 8A's in PMR..having offered to Sekolah Tun Fatimah,Jb and finally got straight A's in SPM!
And now, I have big problem to settle it AMBITION!!! I really admired my teachers soo much, their patience and strength have inspired me all let it worse, my mom always want me to be a DOCTOR,
But, I have to speak out..I told myself that this is my life and I have the right to stand for my decision! I finally have the courage to let my mom understand my situation and what I needed the most in my share my knowledge to others and to contribute my best effort on helping our people..
Luckily, my mom supported me eventhough I know, deepest inside her heart she wants me to become a doctor..I have to admit that my mom is the BEST!!!
She's become so understanding,caring,loving, and supportive mother...I LOVE U MOM!!!
And with the prayer and blessed, I am so grateful to get this scholars from MOE, beeing in PPOU's , beeing such a strong-bond-family that I have never thought it will be before...
I swear to myself that I will fulfill my target(4.0 CGPA) and hopefully I can do my IEALTS with flying colours!!!
And later on, flying to Aussie or New Zealand and after graduate...I want to be the greatest TEACHER ever!!!
Last but not least, hope we can meet again with the next coming blog.
See ya!!!

My Life As PPOU Student,

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It is my plessure to have my own blog..which I never thought, for my first blog, I wish to tell my experience studying in Uniten for Preparatory Programme for Overseas cut it short, PPOU! Its been so hectic for the first week in this campus..its because of the orientation week which was fun actually..hmm, from the orientation itself I was getting to know all my friends which is in the same programme like me, and seriously, it was enjoyable moment getting to know all of them..
Honestly, I was a little bit surprised because student with the same sex like me was MINORITY! It seems like weird surrounding that I have because since I was kindergarten until I finished my secondary schools..I WAS beeing in the GIRL SChOOL! So, its hard for me to adapt in this new surroundings especially in Uniten which was the MAJORITY is men!
But, so far...I think I can manage it..and for the second week, the class is not soooo packed(althought I have to finish my class at 6pm most everyday) maybe later..the third week and so on, the class will get to be packed soon..
I think that's all for now,
I love to write in this blog soon..
See ya!