My Life As PPOU Student,

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It is my plessure to have my own blog..which I never thought, for my first blog, I wish to tell my experience studying in Uniten for Preparatory Programme for Overseas cut it short, PPOU! Its been so hectic for the first week in this campus..its because of the orientation week which was fun actually..hmm, from the orientation itself I was getting to know all my friends which is in the same programme like me, and seriously, it was enjoyable moment getting to know all of them..
Honestly, I was a little bit surprised because student with the same sex like me was MINORITY! It seems like weird surrounding that I have because since I was kindergarten until I finished my secondary schools..I WAS beeing in the GIRL SChOOL! So, its hard for me to adapt in this new surroundings especially in Uniten which was the MAJORITY is men!
But, so far...I think I can manage it..and for the second week, the class is not soooo packed(althought I have to finish my class at 6pm most everyday) maybe later..the third week and so on, the class will get to be packed soon..
I think that's all for now,
I love to write in this blog soon..
See ya!