The King And I

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Nowadays, people always forget to watch classic movies..or maybe, it was so hard to have the opportunity to watch them just because it was difficult to find them or maybe there's a little expose to this type of movies.

But today, Miss lecturer, introduced us ( my friend and I ) to watch 'The King And I', a classic movie, as my classmate gave such an 'uuhhh..noo' sounds and we have to watch the movie at that period of time.

I have watched 'Anna And The King' before, which quite similar with 'The King And I' story, and in my opinion, personally...I like those movies so much! The plots and conflicts between those two movies were slightly different but overall, it attracts me a lot!

I have given a task to give my point of view about 'The King And I' movie that I just watched, me, its funny though but contains lots of moral value which I think suitable for the peers to catch for it. For instance, I am very impressed with Madam Anna who is very strong, brave and high spirited women which was so hard to find that type of women nowadays. She sticks to her principes and brave enough to give her opinion and advise the King of Siam.

Its really funny movie..except for certain songs which made us sleepy yet, meaningful if we feel the songs attentively. For the ending, although I knew that Anna and the King will not be together, I certainly did not agree with the ending of dying King and Anna's sadness...I prefer it to be a happy ending, Anna will be staying in the palace or the house that the King had promised for, the King will remains to be the King of Siam and they will live happily ever after, or else..the King married with Anna and together they broaden Siamese perspective in becoming the devoloping country.

Huhu, it was just my opinion and I hope I will enjoy watching this kind of movies later on, so last but not least, I really enjoy this movie and special thanks to Miss Eliza who gave us such a great opportunity!