Courses That I Take In PPOU,

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Assalamualaikum aka Peace Upon You,

On this issue, I would like to tell you about the courses that I take in PPOU programme,

Before I proceed any futher, I have to let you know the subject that I have to learn throughout the semester..The subjects are: Physics, Chemistry, Maths,Academic Study Skills, and last but not least..IEALTS!

I am under MOE( Ministry of Education) scholarship that have been offered to take Special Education[ all my friends here just called it as SE ]...hmmm, actually I was applying for Chemistry as the major course but maybe because of the interview that I have attend, the interviewer may find me capable enough to take this big responsibility as the Special Education teacher..huhu,

As my highly interest to be a teacher, I eventually accepted the offer and think positively towards it that someday I can contribute my part to my own people especially to the special one!

So, the classes started two weeks ago and I find that it was lucky to be here to study with all my friends(which I can get along with them nicely and closely), with all the smart, fantastic and talented lecturers, with the good facilities and also the surroundings of studying!

When I was in form 4 and 5, I just dont like physics...maybe it was because of the all kind of formulas that I did not understand how to derive it and all those thinking stuff like that...I prefer biology(reading type).
But here, as I entered Dr Yusri's class...I was like..Oh my God, why I was so late to realize that PHYSIC IS FUN! hahah, Now, whenever physics class are going to start I will sooo and sooo excited!

I always like chemistry so much...and I did not have lots of trouble in chemistry for now...with all the notes and complete explaination + examples given from Dr Saifuddin, I kindly can cope with this subject...for now...and I hope for ever!!!

Maths are very challenging...everyone knows it! So, its quite hard to explain about this subject though,
Hopefully, I will do my maths with flying colours..and that's a PROMISE!!!

=====>Academic Study Skills,
Madam Fatimah always make me impress on her speaking, her experiences, and how she manage her life so well...I was so inspired to be like her. She tought us about knowing yourself, health managemant, reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, time managemant, money managemant, reference skills, and speaking skills..almost everything about academic study skills right?

Talking about time management, I find that studying in the university is totally different from studying in the secondary school..I have to do everything on my one will guide me or advice me when to study when to eat and etcetera...its like rather difficult to be in this sitution than thinking of it, but...sooner or later..I think I will manage it, Insya-Allah!
As the saying goes, "Fail to plan is planning to fail", I'd better be careful and keep my eyes open and also be ready if there any obstacles that might happen in future..

=====> IEALTS
I have to take IEALTS as I will be flying either to Australia or New Zealand, its like MUET and TOEFL but I think its herder than anything else..hahah, but theres no IMPOSSIBLE..theres always POSSIBLE to success on, keep telling to myself that I CAN DO IT!!!!Fighting!

Maybe that's all for now,
we will meet soon!