I dunno when I am being a jerk so tell me so that I can change,

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hi folks,

there were so much activities went on
but tiArA's life always in my heart
sorry could not write more
maybe..sometimes acts are more crucial than words
hold that thought!

I really dont want to lose a good friend
definitely not
especially someone like you
so if I am being a jerk
if I am bossy around
tell me
so that I can change
I was trying to be nice
that's all
please forgive me..if I'm wrong

I really dont want to lose a good friend,

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dia’ dalam tag kali ini boleh jadi sesiapa sahaja yang anda ingin perkatakan.

tiArA pilih : Nur Azan Joned
1. Apakah hubungan awak dan dia?
it's kind of complicated :P

2. 5 impression terhadap dia
kind, good listener, hardworking, contra-side of mine, loving

3. Perkara yang paling memorable yang dia lakukan kat awak
past: x pernah miss hantar saya pulang ke kpg halaman walaupun hanya hantar di stesen pudu raya saja..hahaha,
present: terkejut + happy gila dpt unexpected bouquet of roses once I reach University of Canterbury(eventhough he's in MIchigan, USA)

4. Perkara paling memorable yang dia kata pada awak?
You are my inspiration..

5. Kalau dia kekasih awak..
he is!

6. Kalau dia jadi musuh awak.
i dont think so~

7. Kalau dia kekasih awak. awak akan: LOVEs him forever~

8. Kalau dia jadi musuh awak... mungkin kerana:
I hurt him. I lied to him. I'm not being honest. I'm flirting. I left him. enough.
*choi choi choi

9. Overall impression tentang dia:

10. The most desirable thing to do to her/him: Get married and have a beautiful family with him :P

11. Apakah awak rasa tentang pandangan orang terhadap awak?
err..how come I know what people's point of view about me? but I do think I'm kind of person who loves friendship soooo much that I cannot live WITHOUT them.

12. The character of you for yourself?
always do things that I dont regret it!

13. On contrary, the character you hate about you
when I'm trying to prove I'm right while it's NOT!

14. The most ideal person you want to be with: my nucleus family~ how much I miss them :'(

15. For people who like you.. tell something about them: I like you too! I love you too! and I miss you all(esp to awesome peoples out there who are not with me right now).
I wish you all the best
and May ALLAH bless you all always~

16. Ten people you tag:
syazana zarar
princess azie
reen adika
niazurul syazwan
fika auckland
and the last person is..YOU!

17. No.2 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
xde sape kot. xde kan tqah??

18. Is no.3 female or male?
female. and I miss her badly,

19. If no.7 and 10 have a relationship..
I dont think so :P

20. Macam mana dengan no.5 dengan no.8?
khalil ngn fika?? they are so close together~ that's all I can say!

21. No. 4 single kah?
tidak. apek nak cmpak mana kan??

22. No.1 belajar apa?
he's taking mechanical engineering in MIchigan State UNi, USA

23. Say sumthing about no.9: sungguh kechik, smart, talented, fantastic, my sweet ever ex-dorm mate!!!


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ada orang ingatkan aku
hidup ni bukan hanya ada gembira saje
bukan hanya perlu seronok
perlu enjoy setiap saat
kesedihan itu perlu
untuk reflect balik diri kita
untuk ingatkan dimana silapnya kita
untuk sedarkan kita
yg hidup ini bukan selalunya indah
bukan selamanya di atas atau di bawah
semuanya berlaku
untuk mencorakkan warna atas kanvas kehidupan kita
dan semestinya
ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian~
oleh itu,
ingatlah wahai teman
sukaria ada had nya
orang tua tua kata
jangan gelak banyak2
nanti nanges melolong lolong :P

cinderella's quote of the day

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never let the fear of
striking out keep you
from playing the game
hold on tiArA!

gud friends will be there when you need them

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I thank to ALLAh
for giving me good friends
to get through hard times
or happy one!

it is so good
and make me feel so much better
best friends are there to lend their ears :)

[☺] familia Part II[☺]

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keep strong, tiArA!

[☺] familia [☺]

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5th June 2009 (approximately 9.30pm)
Ilam Village
University of Canterbury
it is true
this is my family here
when my original nucleus family is far far far away in Malaysia
the same night
the same day
anything can happen
and it's just happen
without you realize how precious the time is
being with lovely friends around you
making lots of fun!
I'm not exaggerating
living and studying abroad offers so many things in life
that I dont want to waste it
embrace it while it's there
one inevitably sees the friendship
often more appreciative♥
to every-each-one of my familia,
hope our friendship will never end
thanx for being there when our family is so apart
all the best in finals~
i wish you all success in flying colours
may ALLAH bless us
P/s: gmbar Nia besar cuz dia yg buat so faham2 la
P/s dua: gmbar Dayah byk sebab..korang taw sebab pe kan? hehe

::disney on ice::

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5th June 2009 (approximately 7pm)
Westpac Arena, Christchurch
proudly present
::Disney On Ice::

its once in a life time opportunity and I'm happy I go for it☻

♥your cheantin' heart♥

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5th June of 2009
it was a very big day folks
got one finale test of Communication Disorder
and I'm not doing well
I kept changing my answer
and lots of it
I'm just guessing
and what I regret was
the last question
I know I should thrust my instinct but last minute I decided to change
without on purpose
sad sad sad
because when I checked, my first answer was correct!
Moral of the story: thrust your heart♥ thrust your instinct☻learnt the lesson!

preparing for a shock (Part II)

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Special thanks to Kak Syah (Master student in Speech Language Therapy)
for helping me understanding the so-confuse-to-pinpoint-the-so-called audiogram!

First, an audiometer is used to test a person's hearing.

Here is an example of a legend from an audiogram. This will help me decipher the results.

Types of Losses
Sometimes the audiologist will want to test how the person's inner ear is working with a bone conduction test. This test helps to determine if the person has a conductive, a sensorineural, or a mixed loss.

Here below are some examples of different types of losses as shown on the audiogram:

Here is an example of a sensorineural loss. Note how the bone conduction is the same as the air conduction results
Here is an example of a conductive loss. Note how with air conduction the person has a hearing loss. However, the bone conduction results show that the sensorineural pathways are in good working order.
Here is an example of a mixed loss. Both bone conduction and the air conduction show a loss, but the bone conduction loss is not as great as the air conduction loss.

The Speech Banana

The picture symbols represent the different sounds at that particular frequency and decibel level. For example, leaves rustling is very quiet (about 5 dB) and slightly-higher pitched (2000 Hz). However, a semi truck is very loud (100 dB) and lower-pitched (125 Hz).In the middle across the frequency range are the speech sounds. They call this the "Speech Banana" because, as you can see, it looks like a banana when you draw a line around them,

The reason why the speech banana is so important to be aware of is because this, in addition to the audiogram, will give you even more specific insight into what the child can and cannot hear.

For those children who are profoundly deaf or who are moderate-to-severe in their hearing loss, they will probably not be able to hear any of those sounds of speech unaided. (They might have a hearing loss that is good in some frequencies and not in others.)

For children who have a mild to moderate hearing loss, they probably will be able to hear some sounds of speech and not others unaided. Take a look at their audiogram as well and think about what they are missing.


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ada ke orang kata muka aku sama cm heliza?
we are not look alike langsung
she's way too beautiful
compare to me
look, she's got a very fair skin
and I'm not ~
which part we are look alike once again??

the preamble chapter of winter

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P/s : sorry tiArA jakun dengan hailing dan little ice mr snowy

prepare yourself for a shock

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Hi dear,

I know it is the onset of the winter.

And I'm way off from tiArA's life way too long.

Everything happens for a reason.

But i know my 'apologia' of tests and assignments in 5 weeks in a row before study week are not acceptable.

Here comes.

Prepare yourself for a shock.

I have this problem in differentiating those chromosomal syndrome

and genetic syndrome(basically with their phenotype and communication).

I'm preparing for next friday communication disorder test.

And what I think is..

post it on the tiArA's life will be nice to help me differentiating and memorizing them~

Help me get through.

Let's do it together ok?

Chromosomal Syndrome

1. Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)


  • Intelectual Disability

  • Heart Anomalies

  • Dry Skin and Soft Hair

  • Hypotonia (low muscle tone)

  • Protruding tongue (due to hypotonia)

  • Brachycephaly

  • Malocclusion


  • General Language Delay

  • Speech Misarticulation

  • Normal Hearing

2. Cri DU Chat Syndrome


  • Small size of baby

  • Microcephaly

  • High Palate (maybe Cleft Palate)

  • Mental Disability

  • Normal life expectancy

  • Chronic Otitis Media

  • Hypertolerism(space between eyes)

  • Ptosis(epicanthic fold is not well developed)

  • Delayed Motor Development


  • Oral speech seldom develops

  • Severe language disorder

  • Possible hypernasality

  • Possible hearing loss

  • Tend to be loving and very social

Genetic Syndrome

1. Cruozon Syndrome


  • Premature fusion of cranial sutures

  • Midface hypoplasia(underdeveloped)

  • Beak-shaped nose

  • Exorbitism(bulging eyes)

  • Low-set ears

  • Class 3 malocclusion

  • Mental disability is rare

  • Possible Otitis Media


  • Normal onset of speech and language

  • Possible Otitis Media leading to hearing loss

  • Hyponasility(due to small nasal port)

  • Articulation disorder resulting from Class 3 Malocclusion

2. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)


  • Below height and weight

  • Thin upper lips

  • No philtrum

  • Short, upturned nose

  • Shortened (and bent) little finger

  • Hyperactivity

  • Cognitive Impairment

  • Poor fine, gross motor coordination

  • Microcephaly(small head)

  • Micrognatia(small jaw)


  • General delay in communication development

  • Articulation problem due to poor motor coordination

  • Language delay due to possible intelectual impairments

  • Possible swallowing difficulties

  • Possible Otitis Media

Okay folks. Finish already.

I think I'm feeling much better. Thanks a lot,