A message from a friend..

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Death is something that you cannot predict on. Yet, we know that someday..the 'day' will come and change the world of peoples who love you and always be there around you. Though, we sometimes didnt care on how to appreciate your loved ones..your friends and things like that we always take for granted. Until one day, a day that you dont ever know..when the time has arrived, maybe...your loved ones or it might be your friends..or new friends..GONE and would never be back!

A message from an imaginary friend named Cecilia brought me to her new world..a world which she has NO job, NO husband, NO children and she's thirty. Her late husband died, suffered from a brain tumor and it did change her life totally. That was a reality and she has to accept it. Its hard isnt it? Losing someone that she loves and depends on to..and looking after him day by day suffering until he died..it needs not only patience, loyalty, but eternal love that cannot be measured by ANYthing.

I remembered she told me when she woke up in the morning, she was hoping to walking through an entire field of pretty tiger lilies; the wind was blowing gently, causing the silky petals to tickle the tips of her fingers as she pushed through long strands of bright green grass. The ground was soft and bouncy beneath her bare feet and her body felt so light she was almost floating just above the spongy earth. All around her, birds whistled their happy tune as they want about their business. The sun was so bright in the cloudless sky she had to shield her eyes, and with each brush of wind that passed her face the sweet scent of the tiger lilies filled her nostrils. She felt so..happy, so free.

Suddenly, the sky darkened as the Carribean sun disappeared behind a looming grey cloud. The wind picked up and the air chilled. Around her all the petals of the tiger lilies were racing through the air wildly, bluring her vision. The once spongy ground was replaced with sharp stones that cut and scraped her feet with every step. The birds had stopped singing and instead perched on their branches and stared. Ahead of her in the distance a grey stone was visible amidst the tall grass. She wanted to run back to her pretty flowers, but she needed to find out what she was ahead. As she crept closer..she heard loud BANG! She quikened her pace and raced over the sharp stones that tore at her arms and legs. She collapsed to her knees in front of the grey slab and let out a scream of pain as she realised what it was..her husband grave!

It is really hard for her to be back to her normal life when she can feel a lot of happiness that she had before..but still, life must go on.

Long ago, when her husband found out that he had this tumor thing in his head..first question he asked her, "Why did it chose me?". As a wife, what can she tell her husband that fate, cant be put on words. You really cant make people accept the fate that just happen. At this stage, she just wants to make a time machine to go back to the past. Where she can run her fingers through his soft hair, share a secret joke across the table when dinner's ready, cry to him when he got home from a lousy hard day at work and just needed a hug, be woken up by his fits of sneezes each morning, and laugh with him so much until her stomach would ache. All that was left a bundle of memories and an image of his face that became more and more vague each day.

If it wasnt for this disease, maybe she could have her husband back and succeeded in love. She wants to be hugged tightly by someone who care about her. She really wants to be..

Her husband was a very strong person. He faught with his disease and never gave up! He didnt want to complain, didnt want to say that he wants to go back to that day..He just wanted to accept what he is now and live on....

He told his wife too.."You must live on!"

Eventhough, he'll be hurt by those heartless faces..but also, he understood that at the same time gentle glances exist.

Eventhough it is like this he has to face for..he still wants to be here..because here is, the place that he exist!

What's wrong with falling down? Because as long as you stand up again it would be just fine..

If you look up at the sky after falling down..the blue sky is also today. It's enough to try your best in all that you are doing now.

The purpose of each obstacles or roadblocks that might cross in your life is NOT to RUNaway..
It's to chase after dreams.

If you dare to dream..you must dare to make it real!

A message from a friend.......
From now on, GO forward..MOVE ahead..!!!
Even..if it cut through the rain and clouds..the wet roads smile..only the dark will teach the useful of stronger light.

Be strong. Appreciate living things around you. Lead a happy life. GO forward, MOVE ahead!

~L Change My World~

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Hi everyone.

It takes time for me to think about what to write as the theme for this post.

Luckily, L helped me!

Thanks to L,

This week we are not busy yet as we only have calculus class only..there's no physics and Ielts class,

Kind of free..and have lots of time,

In addition to that..we have no class at all on Friday,

So I've planned to go out..watching movies..and have some fun before I'm getting busy next week,

Top of my list is L change the world and followed by the Forbidden Kingdom,

Everything's went very well on Friday morning..going out with my cutest friend ever(Ila) to watch L of course..
but, unfortunately..after about 30 minutes the movie are playing,

GSC got no electricity..that means black-out!

I was dumbfounded at first, hoping that everything will be sort-out very soon and I can continue the movie,

Nevertheless, everything was back to normal after 15 minutes later..
so, we've got to redeem the tickets money at the gold class counter..as the time for all the movies that now showing that day might ruin if they proceed the movie..

We cannot finish the movie..

And I was very very sad,

*************L did change my world***********

What is 'L change the world' is all about?

Ken'ichi Matsuyama reprises his role as L Lawliet from the previous Death Note films (Have you seen Death Note series? If not, please watch it! I bet you will like it!). The film chronicles the final 23 days of L's life, and follows L as he solves one final case. L is the protagonist of this film. L has to stop a bioterrorist group that aims to wipe out much of humanity. A virus with ten times the infectiousness of Ebola killed everyone except for one boy in a village in Thailand. L takes the survivor and a junior high school girl named Maki Nikaido under his wing.

Shunji Fujimura also reprises his role as Watari, but, dying in The Last Name, he is dead early in this film. Despite being depicted on the promotional poster, Misa Amane and the Death God Ryuk have brief cameos in the film, appearing on screen for less than thirty seconds each. A video still of Light Yagami is also used in the film. The Thai boy becomes the detective Near(the small cute boy in this pict) at the end of the movie.

I have not satisfied as long as I did not finish the movie!

Here comes my second plan,

My friends were going out to Shah Alam for a reason that I cannot share here

so I joined them but of course not to Shah Alam,

I stopped at Mid Valley and bought the ticket as fast as I could..

I am really insane at this stage ( I suppose..mr XoXo said so)
*sanggup tu duk sorang2..huish bahaya sungguh semata mata nk tgk L je*

After I watched the movie, I should give 5 stars for L and 4 stars for the movie! Ahaks~

and I am so glad that I ended up by fulfilled my second plan successfully..!

L did change my world!
I admire his character so much and so did to Kira (in Death Note),
Hope to see u soon,

Enjoy reading!

P/s : L changed my world, how about you???

Emails to Understanding..On September11, 2001..our friendship changed forever!

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Assalamualikum w.b.t.

I remembered the good old days when I'm still in Sekolah Tun Fatimah, JB..every wednesday and thursday morning before we entered class..we will be given an article( english article) and everyone is instructed to be quite and not to do anything except READing..

The programme was also known as D.E.A.R which means Drop Everything And Read.

And one morning, I cant remember the exact date..this programme brought me to an article entitiled 'Emails to Understanding'..
It sounded very boring actually but I found that this article very2 interesting!
I'll write it..you READ and you judge yourself whether its intersting or not..


Growing up in Australia, I wanted a pen friend. I was 13, had just started secondary school and craved for someone to talk to. So I logged onto all of the pen friend sites I could fine on the Internet , scanning them for any girls of my age from different contries.

I wasn't fussy. I wrote to a Swede, an Italian, an American, a Finn, an Arab, and an Egyptian, informing them about my hobbies, my family and Australia. Only one girl replied: the Egyptian.

When I opened my e-mail inbox and saw the reply, I was excited, to say the least. I had a thirst for knowledge about religion and culture, but most of all for that bond between two people called friendship.

Her name was Noran Hussein. She lived in an apartment in the centre of Cairo, and her parents were doctors. She wrote that she would love to be my pen friend, but had one question: was I male or female? Her mother would allow her to write only to a female.

We started off by telling each other about the basics of our lives. Right from the start I could tell that we shared similar traits - like our stubbornness and moodiness! Gradually we worked up to discussing issues and problems concerning the world.

I asked her about her religion, Islam, and soon learned about Ramadan and her other festivals and customs. Eventually we started corresponding by snail mail, too, swapping photos and small presents. It was truly amazing - on the World Wide Web, out of millios of people, I had found a best friend.

As the years passed, we counselled each other and shared secrets. We discussed many topics ranging from homosexuality to Harry Potter.

Our e-mails were always passionate, but we never tried to convert each other. Our friendship was built on trust and respect - the foundations any good relationship should rely on.

One day two friends of our family, Barbara and Alan offered to visit Noran during one of their many trips to Cairo. They soon became acquinted with the Hussein family. Over the years they would swap presents for Noran and me to save us the cost of postage.

As my interest in Noran's culture grew, I started to become aware of where I was heading in life. I considered my future career options and entertained the idea of one day joining the United Nations. I wanted to work with people of different cultures and religions, and to travel to far-off places like Cairo.

I realised that I had been granted a unique opportunity - gradually, without me noticing it, Noran had been educating me. Once I had been ignorant and did not know how to handle different opinions, but with Noran's help I had grown to accept people as they are.

Then came September 11, 2001. I knew somehow it would affect Noran. I e-mailed her, asking for her opinion on the situation and how Cairo was coping.

I still remember her reply: her American pen friend and numerous others had deserted her. They didnt want to know her any more. Why? She was MUSLIM, Middle Eastern, and her last name was Hussein.

I was very angry. I wanted to defend her. I couldnt believe that people could be so small-minded. Why couldnt they understand that Noran was just another 15-year-old girl? I didnt know what to tell her, except that I would never stop writing to her. Never!

People often ask me if I'm scared to ask Noran about certain things, like wearing the veil. I'm not. To me, asking questions is the first step towards understanding. If we stand back and only wonder, too afraid to ask, then we start to run into problems like ignorance and racism.

The truth is I envy Noran. Her faith in Islam and Egypt is strong. Perhaps this is part of the reason for the conflict in the world today - we are too envious of each other and forget that it's OK to admire one another for our differences. Or perhaps it is just a misunderstanding.

Noran and I are different. Sure, we have conflicting views, but we never say that the other is wrong. I have learned more from Noran than I could ever hope to learn from a textbook.

I dream of one day appearing on Noran's doorstep in Cairo and giving her a hug for the first time. I also dream of showing her the sights of Australia.
But most of all I dream for people to experience what I have experienced - to learn that it is okay to be different, to not to be afraid of one another, to UNDERSTAND!


I hope you enjoy reading this article..and respond to me please..
Sharing is caring!


There's a reason to be petrified!!

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Sounds ridiculous right?
If Sumbangsih2006 got its own theme.."NO reason to be PETRIFIED"
but today..which is equivalant to 21st April of the year 2008..surprisingly, there will be A reason to be PETRIFIED of..

Why I said so?
It is because..today, which is the first day of my special semester (and I am expecting that I'll be taking intensive course learning English Only to get ready for the Ielts??) but, unfortunately..the first class that was held on the first period is MATF133???

*******************I AM PETRIFIED!*****************

We will take calculus for about 8hours per week (including tutorials) for only 7 weeks people..7 weeks! Not only that, we'll take physics III also (OMG!!!). Thinking that for 7 weeks I will be focusing on my English only but with the calculus and physics..seriously, I have no idea!

Can you imagine that??
Life will be so hectic each week in special sem wth quizzes, tests, and exams??
EACH week people..EACH week!
ANd, of course..now, it will be divided into three parts..which one is the most important?
Whether Ielts? or maybe Calculus? or....Physics??
Maybe YOU can answer for me..? Tell me which one..

But I do have my own personal opinion, Ielts is the most important part..eventhough we can repeat Ielts twice..its too risky babe, my aim is..scoring the best band for the first trial (hope so..) and then, there will be the safest condition. Then, we'll just follow the rules..

Also got my transcript for the first semester and second semester..
I wish I have no comments for that particular results,
Just nice I think..(Guess so..dunno..huhu)

Until here my friends..
Tomorrow got tutorials and I've started my lecture today..so pathetic!
Just kidding..

Love you all folks!
Enjoy life then,
S.M.I.L.E :-D

Special Semester..are you READY??

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Hi everyone!

So, the special semester will start tomorrow..to be precise, we will be learning english ONLY! (Some rumours said that some of us will be taking physic I to repeat..I dont have any idea whether the rumours are spreading with the accurate or exact facts..who knows?)

This special semester, purposely, want me to get ready for the IELTS( or..am I going to take TOEFL..??) I am to tired to think which country would be the best place for SE students to further our study..US or Australia?
Seriously, I hated to get involve..*silap2 leh migrain saya*

The question is..am I ready for the special semester challenge?? It's English my friend, it's not an easy language to learn in four major aspects (reading, listening, speaking, and writing)..
With Allah's will (InsyaALLAH), I'll be ready.. I need my friends and YOU to help me improving myself( because I'm not good..seriously)..I want the best band and I will try my best!!
Pray for me please..

By the way,
My best friend, who is also my Hogryslywarts team members (the most creative friend ever! I tell you..she is so creative!), just got her IELTS result..and, babe..she got overall band 7.5! (I know she deserves it,,she's good!)..she told me that the worst part for her is writing the essay (to PPOU friends who read this..obviously writing is the worst part so, get ready from now!) She also shared some questions that she got from the speaking test such as;

1.what language u would like to learn?
2. what issues in the newspaper u are most interested in?
3. what type of clothes do u prefer?

Plus, she added by telling me that the interviewer is not a native speakers..he/she most probably will be MALAYSIAN but he/she is speaking very very good english..sometimes he/she might interupt while we speak to warn us not to speak too long.

That's all for now..I should sleep! I am so exhausted..

P/s: wish me luck folks..we'll meet soon!

the Continuation of Sem DUA Sem AIRMATA!

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Pernah suatu ketika dulu, masa saya mula nak meningkat remaja..umur pun lebih kurang 13-14 tahun..saya pun dah tak ingat bila..dan saya pun dah tak ingat macam mana perkara itu boleh terjadi..saya kehilangan purse (ingat lagi time tu tengah gila purse milk teddy..) so, memang sedih la..nasib baek time2 kanak2 mcm nh mak yang pegang IC kita kan..so yang hilang duit je lah, tapi yang sayang that time saya kumpul duit syiling..banyak la jugak (but, I cant remember the exact amount) sebab sekolah sesi petang..masa tu pulak ada kelas muzik kena attend kul 11 so between that period after music class dengan nak masuk sekolah tu biasa saya dan kawan2 lepak la dekat depan koop beli air ke food2 yang kat vending machine tu sambil2 study n buat homework (usually lepak dengan my hogryslywarts team la nh..ngn beberapa budak Pluto..ahaks~) so that’s y la saya mengumpul duit syiling dengan maha dahsyat nya..huhu

Nak dijadikan cerita, purse tu hilang..hurm, memang sedih la even duit x banyak pun dalam tu..budak2 lagi mana la pegang duit banyak..cuma sejak daripada kejadian tu..menjadikan saya lebih berhati-hati..fobia..every time saya akan check my purse dulu..kalau dah ada and everythings ok barulah saya akan lega nk pergi mana2 or buat pape pun..Fortunately, lepas lebih kurang sebulan hilang purse tu..saya jumpa balik kat koridor depan kelas saya (if I’m not mistaken)..and of course, takde duit langsung dalam tu tapi kad2 saya ada la dalam tu..kad2 nama (dulu, budak2 nh selalu buat..tempah pastu dapat melalui pos..bila ingat balik macam kelakar pulak..haha). tapi, lepas dapat balik purse saya macam trauma nak use that thing balik so, I give to somebody ( I cannot remember who).

Tindakan berjaga2 ini saya amalkan sampailah saya di universiti..mungkin dah nak jadi..
Dalam kesibukan saya dan kawan2 me‘ready’ kan diri kami untuk menempuh final yang tak sampai seminggu lagi..ketika inilah saya diuji dengan dugaan demi dugaan yang maha hebat!

Dugaan itu adalah..huhu, my purse hilang sekali lagi! (Yg tak bestnya..saya baru je beli purse tu kat Sogo dengan my mom..tak sampai seminggu lagi purse tu bersama sama dengan saya..isk3) Masa tu, seingat saya la..makan tengah hari dengan kawan2..sebelah saya masa tu Faizza a.k.a Faige..saya dan dia perasan saya letak purse tu kat atas meja..saya makan agak cepat hari tu..semua orang pun except kak wani (kak wani agak lambat makan kalau berkaitan dengan nasi2 nh)..so, bila semua orang nk blah nk g surau..saya pun tunggu la kak wani..duk makan2..lama gak la..saya ingat lagi hari tu hari selasa n last day Mr Alan Cheah nk ajar kitorang..everyone macam excited la jugak..
Bila kak wani dah habes tu, kami pun bersama2 pergi surau..lepas solat tu..macam biasa la duk lepak kat tmpat kasut tu n suddenly I realized yang my purse hilang! (Mungkin sebab dah biasa check everything before pergi mana2..saya dapat notice purse tu hilang dengan agak cepat.) Cari kat surau tu memang tak jumpa la..so tempat yang kebarangkaliannya agak tinggi (almost 99.9%) adalh di..IMRISH CAFÉ..penat dah tanya orang2 kat situ..dan jawapan yang saya dapat semuanya mengecewakan..time berlakunya kejadian nh..sedih tu memanglah sedih..dahla planning nk g Terengganu lepas final tu..I’ve got NO money, NO atm cards, NO IC, NO driving license..so anda fikir sendirila dalam keadaan nk final tu..huhu, kena marah lagi dengan mak..dan kebetulan kelas Alan Cheah yang terakhir time tu dia duk cerita pasal orang mencuri???? Hoho..memang lah..perit!

Tapi, valuable lessons yang saya dapat masa ni adalah peranan kawan2 yang tak berbelah bahagi..tolong saya cari my purse tu even tau takkan dapat balik tapi mana tau kan kalau usaha dapat balik..dan saya juga ingat students2 MARA yang turut mengambil berat dan bertanya serta nasihat tentang apa yang saya perlu pasnh..thanks to Haikal jugak yang sudi nk hantar saya ke balai polis even we are not classmate and we are not close..jasa, perhatian, dan keprihatinan semua pihak amatlah saya hargai..this beautiful friendship ties saya akan ingat dan jaga baek2! Insyaallah..

Yang penting, JANGAN PANIK kan??
Buat report..secepat yang mungkin dan kalau boleh cakap kat pakcik polis tu purse kena ragut..so nanti bila buat IC takde lah kena denda RM110..huhu,

Lepas 4 hari saya hilang purse tu..saya hilang phone yang paling saya sayang..My MOTOROLA L7..sukar nk saya ceritakan semula..hilang kat exam hall pulak tu..nak ikutkan memang saya jarang bawak phone kat dalam exam hall tapi lepas saya hilang purse saya takut barang2 lain pun hilang jugak..apatah lagi saya macam dapat premonition yang mcam ada brg lain nk hilang jugak..tapi, sekali lagi saya katakan benda dah nak jadi..tak sampai 2 minit saya keluar dari exam hall..selepas saya realize yang my phone takde..n patah balik kat tempat duduk saya tu..PHONE tu btul2 dah tak ada!

To be honest, hilang barang laen boleh..tapi kalau hilang HANDPHONE..

Masa tu, memang dugaan paling dahsyat la..dengan baru nak start final (masa tu baru je abes paper physic lab) pastu ditambah dengan takde duitnya..nak keluar duit pun tak boleh sekarang so bila hlang phone..ya Allah, seriously kalau tak ada kawan2 masa tu yang tolong kuatkan semangat saya balik..mungkin saya dah mengaku kalah sebelum peperangan bermula lagi..sem dua betul2 menguji saya samapai nk dekat2 akhir pun..

Ok, bila anda dah curi hp orang apa anda akan buat???

Jaw biasa : sudah tentu anda akan off the phone dan jualkan je..x yah banyak2 cerita!

Tetapi, berlainan pula dengan situasi saya..

Orang yang curi phone tu betul2 memang nak sakitkan hati saya (naseb saya la dapat pencuri kejam dan psycho macam tu) and definitely dia mencuri bukan dengan niat nk dapat duit ke nak apa..dia (eh, silap..MEREKA) sengaja n dah tak ada kerja agaknya,,dia pergi on my phone n after got nearly hundreds messages from my friends barulah dia berani nk talk to us..saya tak dapat nk cakap..that day, saya memang betul2 hopeless..I cannot think..I even cannot stand! I am totally hopeless..but EVERYbody ( I mean PPOU yang girls lah memang turun padang semua tolong saya dengan sangat banyak) ada yang tolong merayu kat lelaki tak guna tu untuk pulangkan my phone balik (thanx kak fifi and ajim..kerana sudi bersabar dengan karenah lelaki2 tak guna tu sampai kredit abes sume..terima kasih sangat2), ada juga yang tolong belikan saya food ambilkan saya air..raupkan muka saya dengan kalimah2 Allah yang menenangkan jiwa (Fatin esp..my housemates..Faige, Ct, Dayah), n ada juga yang memapah saya dah bawa saya ke Ilmu dengan kesabaran dan kepayahan (thanx sangat2 kat kak Alia n Kak nad for doing this), ada juga yang tolong cabutkan semua nama2 suspek kat library (huhu, thanx for hot couple nh..Najwa and Rainney..sorry sebab kena sacrifice masa u all kejap), n ada yang juga yang peluk saya tenangkan saya dengan bersungguh sungguh (thanx kat kak wani, kak zawani, kak ct, ajim, Ila, semualah..korang sume the best!) dan tak lupa juga kepada my..XoXo yang sangat2 ambil berat..call me whenever possible..tanya saya ok ke x..nasihatkan saya..always be there whenever I need u..thanx sangat2..akhir sekali thanx sangat sebab korang terpaksa korbankan masa korang buat sedikit najlis bacaan yassin beramai ramai..semuanya kerana saya..pengorbanan dan prihatin dari kalian sampai sekarang dan selamanya akan saya ingat!

Yang penting, USAHA kan???

Semuanya akhirnya dapat ku lalui dengan tabah..(tabah ke??) entahlah..

“ Percayalah semua yang berlaku ni ada hikmahnya dan kau akan jadi lebih kuat tak kira apa pun yang berlaku lepas nih! ,” kata Fatin
** mulanya aku tak percaya fatin..tapi lama2 tu ada benarnya kata2 kamu nh..sayang kau!

“ Dahla farah..lupakan je la ye..tumpukan kat final nh dulu..benda2 yang dicuri nh kita boleh cari balik..ganti kan balik tapi result final kau tu kau akan dpat buat sekali je!,” nasihat kak Fifi.
**dalam hati aku cakap..cakap senangla..aku yang menanggung nh?? Tapi aku bersyukur sangat2 sebab apa yang kak fifi cakap tu sangatla tepat dan aku akur akhirnya..

And, last but not least..

Bila anda hilang sesuatu (x kira apapun..)
Pertama sekali, ucaplah..Innalillahi wainnalillahirajiuun
Keduanya, redha dengan apa yang berlaku..
Akhir sekali, berdoa kepada Allah yang Maha Medengar..supaya
barang yang hilang itu (sebutkan apa?) diharap dapat digantikan
dengan perkara yang lebih baik..
**pesanan Dr Fadzillah Kamsah masa bual bicara pagi di tv3

sem DUA sem AIRMATA!

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Sorry because janji nk selalu update blog pasnih tapi tak update2 gak..lots of things nak kena buat..even holiday pon tapi cm tak holiday..everyday ada je kerja2 yang kena settlekan..mlm pulak sometimes I have to teman my mom study..dia pon nk exam jugak..final dia after my final exam..teman dia pun bukan teman biasa je..kita boleh buat kerja laen tapi teman dia tu cm kita pun kena main peranan jgn bagi dia ngantuk..ask her questions..sometimes kita plak tak pasal2 ter ‘memorize’ dia punya notes mcm kita pulak yang kena amik exam tu..huhu, but I’m so glad to help her..she’s always happy she has me beside her when she needed me the most..my dad selalu mlm2 tido laa mana nk teman dia study..hehe,

Besides that, kerja2 saya semasa cuti ini ialah biasanya hal2 yang melibatkan rumah la..kena amik adik dari sekolah rendah pastu amik adik kat sekolah menengah plak..masa mereka balik sekolah bukannya sama..so I have to amik adik yang kat sekolah rendah tu dulu then balik umah..pastu keluar rumah balik..then amik adik yang kat sekolah menengah tu pulak then balik rumah balik..fuhh, I told u lots of things to do..pastu kul 5 keluar lagi anta adik kecik saya nh pergi mengaji pastu balik rumah balik..kul 8 amik dia balik dari ngaji..adoii…tapi seronok dowh buat kerja2 cmnh..happy gila..x tensen…rasa rapat sangat ngn family, rasa cm tak nak balik uniten sambung special sem minggu depan nh..huhu…poyo!

And of course, bila dah cuti tu mesti kita utamakn perkara2 yang kita tak boleh nk buat kat uniten..especially watching TV! So, bila tengah cuti nh mulalah mengumpul2 favourite tv series yang kita tak boleh nk tengok bila balik uniten nanti..time nh la tengok sume cita2 tu..nh pun dikira sebagai perkara2 yang boleh mem‘busy’kan saya ketika saya bercuti..ahaks~ boleh diterima ke?? Huhu,

Actually, post kali nh adalah kesinambungan cerita dari post yang lepas..cerita masa saya sem dua..sem dua bermula pada 3 December 2007( my dad’s birthday)..hari first masuk kelas lagi dr. AK ngn dr. Yusri dah start lecture dah..pening tul kepala…baru naek cuti lah katakan..hurm, everythings going very fine pada mulanya..biasalh bila dah mula sem baru..kita juga mulakannya dengan azam baru..so, memang okaylah pada mulanya..tahap kerajinan juga semakin bertambah dan bertambah ke’peratusan’nya dari minggu ke minggu..so, memang puas hati la dengan prestasi ketika bermulanya sem dua ni…

Langit kan tak selalunya cerah..dan kita nih sebagai manusia selalu mengharapkan ‘panas hingga ke petang’ tetapi hujan pula di tengah hari..semangat saya mula sedikit luntur bila dapat marks for first test untuk physics…lupa plak nk bgtau..physic masa sem dua ni saya belajar tentang electric and magnetic..everythings based on two major things nih yang pada saya teramat la susah…almaklumlah…bagi chesco2 dan hogryslywarts team yang mungkin baca blog saya nh n yang dah almost kenal saya nh macam mana..otak hafal2 dan menerima logic dari banyakkn berfikir nh adalh otak saya..saya kenal diri saya sebab tu la mohon bidang biologi untuk scholar MOE nh, tapi mungkin Allah tu lebih Maha Berkuasa..berikan saya peluang tapi bukan bidang yang dipohon…lalu, kos Pendidikan Khas ini saya terima tanpa berfikir panjang(ingat lagi time terima kos nh saya berada di Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah..best duk kat utara nh..seriously)..saya tak menyangka la bila kena preparation for overseas universities nih saya kena amik physic untuk melayakkan diri ke universiti2 luar Negara yang pada awalnya ingin menghantar kami2 pelajar MOE kos Special Ed nh ke Aussie dan NZ( sekarang nk campak kami belajar katne pulak? )…sure Pak Kamil sedih dapat anak murid mcm saya yang x berapa nk master physic even dedikasi cikgu sebagai guru melebihi dari segala-galanya ketika mengajar saya dan Chesco2 laen time SPM dulu..yang penting cikgu..saya dah cuba yang terbaek! Cuma mungkin..saya memang tak dapat nk fikir dengan kreatif bagaimana nk tackle soalan2 physic nh..masa first test physic sem dua saya rasa amat kecewa sangat dengan markah yang saya dapat tu..I thought I can get better..I’ve tried so hard that time..actually, to be true..markah saya takdelah teruk pon..cuma saya rasa macam kalah pada diri sendiri..masa dapat result tula..first time saya menitiskan airmata kat uniten nh…rasa depress gilanya..tak tau nak cakap..rasa down gilanya…my friends sume still bagi support semua..my mom pun sangat2 percaya yang saya boleh buat..tp that time memang rasa sangat sedih sangat dan tak tau macam mana nk back to normal balik….

Betul lah dalam lirik lagu ‘Melodi Bersama’…kiasan hidup ibarat roda..kadang2 di atas, di bawah, di atas semula…kena redha, sabar, dan bersyukur..(thanx Rafi sebab bagi article bersyukur tu! Semoga saudara sihat sejahtera di mana jua anda berada..nanti ada rezeki nk juga ke Indonesia!)…waktu ni lah saya rasa putaran hidup roda saya..saya berada di bawah balik, masa berganti masa..dari satu test ke test yang laen…keputusan saya takdelah cemerlang gila tapi tak pula teruk sampai bawah average marks..but still…I felt like cepatlah habis sem dua..tak larat dah…lagi pun masa sem dua nh laa…masa sangat pack..every week ada sahaja quiz, test, dan yang sewaktu dengannya…kadang2 sampai 2-3 quiz pada minggu yang sama..2-3 quiz pada hari yang sama..depends..tapi lebih kurang macam tu lah pack nya my life masa sem dua…tu tak termasuk presentation, class repeat untuk MATF 114, ASSF 103 and ENGF 102…adoii..sadis tol..

Kehidupan diteruskan lagi sampai lah dah nk dekat final…

Walaupun I am absolutely not ready for the final..saya rasa cm dah tak sabar gila dah nk abes sem dua yang amat mencabar jiwa dan minda saya nh…x larat dah..so..saya pun macm student2 laen kan..bila nak final tu..buatlah cara nk final…study mcm nak gila…dengan latihan calculus nya(ingat lagi time nh..semua macam x berapa nk master chapter 8..dah nak dekat final la sume orang cm kelam kabut buat latihan kat dalam buku THOMAS yang maha berat tu untuk memahami lagi chapter 8..huhu..klakar tol), dengan physic nya..(teringat fatin aqilah..ajim..kak zawani..yang sungguh2 mengajar aku untuk lebih menguasai physic nh..kui3..jasa kalian amatlah saya hargai)..and Chemistry..huhu, memang kental gila la otot2 serebrum, serebelum dan medulla oblongata saya nh ketika nak menempuh final sem dua nh..hahah

Dalam kesibukan saya dan kawan2 me‘ready’ kan diri kami untuk menempuh final yang tak sampai seminggu lagi..ketika inilah saya diuji dengan dugaan demi dugaan yang maha hebat! Mungkin PPOU laen dah tahu keseluruhan cerita saya tapi chesco2 dan hogryslywarts team saya yang kat luar sana tu yang tak sempat nk saya ceritakan kemalangan hidup yang menimpa saya pada waktu ini..saya minta maaf sangat2..sekarang barulah saya betul2 bersedia nk ceritakan semuanya..namun, masa amatlah mencemburui saya (chewah..)..sekarang dah pukul 16:25..saya kena solat dulu, pastu kena anta adik pergi mengaji..so, saya akan sambung cerita saya di post yang akan datang the continuation of SEM DUA SEM AIRMATA,

Selamat berjumpa lagi!
Take care,

tiara ( ^_^ )

tiArA is Back?

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Long time no see..hemuhemu,
Dah lama tak update my blog nh kan?
Kalau Ms. Elliza tau..huhu, she’ll be so disappointed esp bila I decided to campur2 my language bila tules post nh..
How am I going to start?
Since the end of the first semester lagi I’m not updating my blog..busy sangat ke bila dah masuk sem dua nh????
Busy ke?
Yes, it’s true! Busy gila sampaikan bukan sahaja nk update blog..masa untuk diri sendiri pon macam dah takde..ececeh, adala tp tak banyak..so limited!
Definitely I like to blog, to tell what’s happening around me, to share any experiences which I learn a lot..something like that..something that I consider more personal..
Before I start blogging last semester, I do have one journal..I love to write..I love to express my feelings in many ways..I have the story and I want to portrait it as some kind of memories that would not fade..I love myself!
Walaubagaimanapun, huhu..penanda wacana tu..kui3, journal tu pun tak update selepas sahaja berakhirnya orientation week masa nak mula2 buat foundation kat UNITEN nh…
Everything’s going very fine..
Lots of things I experienced last semester especially how to lead a life in a very hectic routine in a university, of course..I’m not a mahasiswi yet..but, soon-to-be..insyaALLAH, so..foundation here seems help me a lot then..
Tapi, tu cerita masa sem satu..sekarang ni nak cita masa sem dua..prior to that, I would like to say..sem dua sem air mata!
It’s to soon to make a conclusion kan?
But, it’s absolutely right that my second semester has pressured me with many kind of things..so many..yet, I’m still here..bersyukur dengan apa yang berlaku!
Apa yang berlaku tu kadang2 boleh mematangkan kita dan banyak mengajar kita erti kehidupan yang sebenar..masa remaja nh la, masa yang paling sukar dalam hidup..time ni la darah kita masih muda..mulalah nak cuba sesuatu yang baru(kalau boleh semua benda nk cuba)..masa ni tengah kuat lagi..pantas berfikir..lots of energy..dan yang paling penting, masa inilah..kawan2 sangat mempengaruhi kita..so, pandai2 la pilih kawan..kalau kawan kita ke arah yang positif..positif la kita..tp, kalau kawan2 kita ke arah yang negatif..negatif la kita..
Dah panjang gila opening ni..actually apa yang berlaku masa sem dua nh ek?
I would tell in the next post!
By the way, I’m sorry sebab lambat nk active balik dalam kerja2 memblogging nih..sorry sebab baca banyak gila blog kawan2 dan bagi komen tapi kawan2 tak dapat baca blog kita, give comments and etcetera..I’m truly sorry!
So, see you soon!