Special Semester..are you READY??

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Hi everyone!

So, the special semester will start tomorrow..to be precise, we will be learning english ONLY! (Some rumours said that some of us will be taking physic I to repeat..I dont have any idea whether the rumours are spreading with the accurate or exact facts..who knows?)

This special semester, purposely, want me to get ready for the IELTS( or..am I going to take TOEFL..??) I am to tired to think which country would be the best place for SE students to further our study..US or Australia?
Seriously, I hated to get involve..*silap2 leh migrain saya*

The question is..am I ready for the special semester challenge?? It's English my friend, it's not an easy language to learn in four major aspects (reading, listening, speaking, and writing)..
With Allah's will (InsyaALLAH), I'll be ready.. I need my friends and YOU to help me improving myself( because I'm not good..seriously)..I want the best band and I will try my best!!
Pray for me please..

By the way,
My best friend, who is also my Hogryslywarts team members (the most creative friend ever! I tell you..she is so creative!), just got her IELTS result..and, babe..she got overall band 7.5! (I know she deserves it,,she's good!)..she told me that the worst part for her is writing the essay (to PPOU friends who read this..obviously writing is the worst part so, get ready from now!) She also shared some questions that she got from the speaking test such as;

1.what language u would like to learn?
2. what issues in the newspaper u are most interested in?
3. what type of clothes do u prefer?

Plus, she added by telling me that the interviewer is not a native speakers..he/she most probably will be MALAYSIAN but he/she is speaking very very good english..sometimes he/she might interupt while we speak to warn us not to speak too long.

That's all for now..I should sleep! I am so exhausted..

P/s: wish me luck folks..we'll meet soon!


syaz said...

im soo flattered...
hope you guys (that means u and ur frens..hehe) will get ur desirable band..
all the best and keep up the good work k!!!

tiArA EmiLY said...

thanx syaz!
pray for us k?
if u want to share something about IELTS just add somewhere here..
luv u besfren!

uya ahmad said...

i'm not ready...