There's a reason to be petrified!!

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Sounds ridiculous right?
If Sumbangsih2006 got its own theme.."NO reason to be PETRIFIED"
but today..which is equivalant to 21st April of the year 2008..surprisingly, there will be A reason to be PETRIFIED of..

Why I said so?
It is, which is the first day of my special semester (and I am expecting that I'll be taking intensive course learning English Only to get ready for the Ielts??) but, unfortunately..the first class that was held on the first period is MATF133???

*******************I AM PETRIFIED!*****************

We will take calculus for about 8hours per week (including tutorials) for only 7 weeks people..7 weeks! Not only that, we'll take physics III also (OMG!!!). Thinking that for 7 weeks I will be focusing on my English only but with the calculus and physics..seriously, I have no idea!

Can you imagine that??
Life will be so hectic each week in special sem wth quizzes, tests, and exams??
EACH week people..EACH week!
ANd, of, it will be divided into three parts..which one is the most important?
Whether Ielts? or maybe Calculus? or....Physics??
Maybe YOU can answer for me..? Tell me which one..

But I do have my own personal opinion, Ielts is the most important part..eventhough we can repeat Ielts twice..its too risky babe, my aim is..scoring the best band for the first trial (hope so..) and then, there will be the safest condition. Then, we'll just follow the rules..

Also got my transcript for the first semester and second semester..
I wish I have no comments for that particular results,
Just nice I think..(Guess so..dunno..huhu)

Until here my friends..
Tomorrow got tutorials and I've started my lecture pathetic!
Just kidding..

Love you all folks!
Enjoy life then,
S.M.I.L.E :-D