A message from a friend..

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Death is something that you cannot predict on. Yet, we know that someday..the 'day' will come and change the world of peoples who love you and always be there around you. Though, we sometimes didnt care on how to appreciate your loved ones..your friends and things like that we always take for granted. Until one day, a day that you dont ever know..when the time has arrived, maybe...your loved ones or it might be your friends..or new friends..GONE and would never be back!

A message from an imaginary friend named Cecilia brought me to her new world..a world which she has NO job, NO husband, NO children and she's thirty. Her late husband died, suffered from a brain tumor and it did change her life totally. That was a reality and she has to accept it. Its hard isnt it? Losing someone that she loves and depends on to..and looking after him day by day suffering until he died..it needs not only patience, loyalty, but eternal love that cannot be measured by ANYthing.

I remembered she told me when she woke up in the morning, she was hoping to walking through an entire field of pretty tiger lilies; the wind was blowing gently, causing the silky petals to tickle the tips of her fingers as she pushed through long strands of bright green grass. The ground was soft and bouncy beneath her bare feet and her body felt so light she was almost floating just above the spongy earth. All around her, birds whistled their happy tune as they want about their business. The sun was so bright in the cloudless sky she had to shield her eyes, and with each brush of wind that passed her face the sweet scent of the tiger lilies filled her nostrils. She felt so..happy, so free.

Suddenly, the sky darkened as the Carribean sun disappeared behind a looming grey cloud. The wind picked up and the air chilled. Around her all the petals of the tiger lilies were racing through the air wildly, bluring her vision. The once spongy ground was replaced with sharp stones that cut and scraped her feet with every step. The birds had stopped singing and instead perched on their branches and stared. Ahead of her in the distance a grey stone was visible amidst the tall grass. She wanted to run back to her pretty flowers, but she needed to find out what she was ahead. As she crept closer..she heard loud BANG! She quikened her pace and raced over the sharp stones that tore at her arms and legs. She collapsed to her knees in front of the grey slab and let out a scream of pain as she realised what it was..her husband grave!

It is really hard for her to be back to her normal life when she can feel a lot of happiness that she had before..but still, life must go on.

Long ago, when her husband found out that he had this tumor thing in his head..first question he asked her, "Why did it chose me?". As a wife, what can she tell her husband that fate, cant be put on words. You really cant make people accept the fate that just happen. At this stage, she just wants to make a time machine to go back to the past. Where she can run her fingers through his soft hair, share a secret joke across the table when dinner's ready, cry to him when he got home from a lousy hard day at work and just needed a hug, be woken up by his fits of sneezes each morning, and laugh with him so much until her stomach would ache. All that was left a bundle of memories and an image of his face that became more and more vague each day.

If it wasnt for this disease, maybe she could have her husband back and succeeded in love. She wants to be hugged tightly by someone who care about her. She really wants to be..

Her husband was a very strong person. He faught with his disease and never gave up! He didnt want to complain, didnt want to say that he wants to go back to that day..He just wanted to accept what he is now and live on....

He told his wife too.."You must live on!"

Eventhough, he'll be hurt by those heartless faces..but also, he understood that at the same time gentle glances exist.

Eventhough it is like this he has to face for..he still wants to be here..because here is, the place that he exist!

What's wrong with falling down? Because as long as you stand up again it would be just fine..

If you look up at the sky after falling down..the blue sky is also today. It's enough to try your best in all that you are doing now.

The purpose of each obstacles or roadblocks that might cross in your life is NOT to RUNaway..
It's to chase after dreams.

If you dare to dream..you must dare to make it real!

A message from a friend.......
From now on, GO forward..MOVE ahead..!!!
Even..if it cut through the rain and clouds..the wet roads smile..only the dark will teach the useful of stronger light.

Be strong. Appreciate living things around you. Lead a happy life. GO forward, MOVE ahead!


jentayuh007 said...

dare to make a decision.. it's one of the crucial parts in our live if we wanna go further.. great story, and wonderful writing style.. keep it dear..

mr.d said...

A good post mate:)

*p/s: some of the dialog are quite familiar to those in 1 Litre of Tears :P

iBnUaDaM said...

cg,why dont you establish your own novel??? i like the way you present it very very much...n too the jalan cerite... that makes me think in a very long moment... but i was wondering...how long did she suffer from that kind of sadness???...anwy, ak btol2 tabik ko!!!camne yer ko buat ek!!!...

tiArA EmiLY said...

specially to mr d,
who r u actually..
I took some of those lyrics
in 1 litre of tears
I gathered my imaginary story with Aya's spirit to make this post useful for the readers
because I found that
my friends around me seems need some guidance..
I dont want them to give up to early,
there's long way to go
and there's a lot of goals to achieve..
thanx for the comment!
I would like to know u please?

tiArA EmiLY said...

she is just my imaginary story that I've read, watch, n created..
she's just an excuses to make this post beneficial to all the readers..
to a friend like u!

P/s: Establish my own novel, hahah..u've got to b kidding me!

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

ammar to farah>
a wonderful story....

tapi ia mengingatkan saya tentang 'percaya kepada qadha' and qadar'...

a reply comment from my blog:

x der la lama sangat..macam baru jerh..nway, feel free to comment..dipersilakan..

tu lah kena wat intensive medical checkup dulu?? betul x??? hahaha!