For those who addicted to CAFFEINe..

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I've read lots of article about caffeine and I would like to share what I've read to you all!

Its specially dedicated to those who are so-well-addicted to caffeine and cannot live without it,

Enjoy Reading,


Up to 90% of adult Americans consume caffeine every day. Most commonly, the caffeine is in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. This adds up to about 280 mg of caffeine per day, or the equivalent of about two cups of coffee. People who consume caffeine on a regular basis report that they experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms when this popular stimulant is withdrawn, similar to the symptoms felt with the withdrawal of other addictive substances.

Doctors at Johns Hopkins University have confirmed that true caffeine addiction can occur even when small amounts (corresponding to about one cup of coffee per day) of caffeine are consumed. In a review of 170 years of caffeine research, the Hopkins team examined 57 separate studies and found that the features of caffeine withdrawal can vary from mild mood changes to systemic, flu-like symptoms. The major types of caffeine withdrawal reactions were identified as:

· Headache – (often described as being gradual in development and diffuse, and sometimes throbbing and severe)
· Fatigue -- (e.g., fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, sluggishness)
· Sleepiness/drowsiness -- (e.g., sleepy, drowsy, yawning)
· Difficulty concentrating -- (e.g., muzzy)
· Work difficulty -- (e.g., decreased motivation for tasks/work)
· Irritability -- (e.g., irritable, cross, miserable, decreased well-being/contentedness)
· Depression -- (e.g., depressed mood)
· Anxiety -- (e.g., anxious, nervous)
· Flu-like symptoms -- (e.g., nausea/vomiting, muscle aches/stiffness, hot and cold spells, heavy feelings in arms or legs)
· Impairment in psychomotor, vigilance and cognitive performances

Although caffeine does not produce with life-threatening health risks commonly associated with the use of classic drugs of addiction such as cocaine, heroin and nicotine, some caffeine users report becoming "addicted" to caffeine in the sense that they report an inability to quit or to cut down their caffeine use, they continue to use caffeine despite having medical or psychological problems made worse by caffeine. and they continue to use caffeine to avoid experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

Studies have demonstrated that caffeine disrupts sleep. When caffeine is consumed immediately before bedtime or continuously throughout the day, sleep onset may be delayed, total sleep time reduced, normal stages of sleep altered, and the quality of sleep decreased. Because of its ability to cause insomnia, sleep researchers have used caffeine as a challenge agent in order to study insomnia in healthy volunteers. Caffeine’s effects on sleep appear to be determined by a variety of factors including dose, the time between caffeine ingestion and attempted sleep, and individual differences in sensitivity and/or tolerance to caffeine. The effects of caffeine on sleep are dose-dependent with higher doses showing greater disruption on a number of sleep quality measures. Caffeine administered immediately prior to bedtime or throughout the day has been shown to delay sleep onset, reduce total sleep time, alter the normal stages of sleep, and decrease the reported quality of sleep. There is some evidence to suggest that caffeine taken early in the day also negatively affects nighttime sleep. Caffeine-induced sleep disturbance is greatest among individuals who are not regular caffeine users. Although there is evidence for some tolerance to the sleep disrupting effects of caffeine, complete tolerance may not occur and thus habitual caffeine consumers are still vulnerable to caffeine-induced sleep problems.

Caffeine use can be associated with several distinct psychiatric syndromes: caffeine intoxication, caffeine withdrawal, caffeine dependence, caffeine-induced sleep disorder, and caffeine-induced anxiety disorder. Studies have not proven that caffeine produces significant life-threatening health risks such as cancer, heart disease, and human reproduction abnormalities. Nevertheless, individuals with various conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, primary insomnia, gastroesophageal reflux, pregnancy and urinary incontinence are often advised to reduce or eliminate regular caffeine use. With regard to cardiovascular health, caffeine produces modest increases in blood pressure and studies have established that unfiltered caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee (including espresso and French Press) contain lipids which raise serum cholesterol. In addition, concerns have been raised about a role of caffeine in cardiovascular disease. Finally, studies suggest that there may be an association between high daily caffeine consumption and delayed conception and lower birth weight.

Overcome caffeine addiction and get your natural energy back

How can you tell if you are suffering from caffeine addiction? Read our signs and symptoms checklist to see if you a coffee addict.
Do you:

consume more than two cups of coffee, tea, cola or chocolate a day? (these all contain caffeine)
feel fatigued on and off during the day?
experience extreme emotional mood swings during the day?
suffer from frequent headaches?
suffer from acidity or heartburn?
suffer from a burning sensation, fatigue and heaviness in the eyes?
suffer from premenstrual syndrome? (for women)
have difficulty falling sleep?
wake up in the morning feeling dead tired?
get irritated easily?
suffer from irregular or rapid heartbeats?
often feel dizzy?
have high blood pressure problems apart from anxiety problems?
have problems concentrating without your regular cup of coffee?
find your hands trembling?
feel dehydrated?

If you answered 'yes' to even some of the above you may have been abusing caffeine - or perhaps I should say 'it has been abusing you' !

Don't get me wrong - many of us use caffeine to little ill effect. Coffee is great in the same way as sunbathing - in moderation!

Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world and it's no coincidence that its use has increased alongside longer working hours. For most healthy adults 200-300 milligrams a day (about two cups of coffee) is fine .

But too much caffeine (three cups of strong coffee or more) can lead to insomnia, anxiety osteoporosis, diabetes, ulcers, PMS, stroke, heart disease and may be linked to certain types of cancer.

Other common symptoms are migraines and exhaustion, as caffeine dehydrates and overstimulates your adrenal glands. This leads to an inevitable 'energy crash' - which you may have wrongly interpreted as a cue for another cup! Caffeine abusers say they often feel 'exhausted but edgy' at the same time. Caffeine can simultaneously prevent you getting rest - compounding the effect.

Overcoming Caffeine Addiction will help wean you off the caffeine habit slowly and steadily. If you have had a chronic problem with caffeine addiction, the help of a dietician will also be invaluable.

As with any drug, you may experience withdrawal symptoms as you cut down, so it is important to cut back gradually. If in doubt consult a doctor or nutritionist.

Overcome Caffeine Addiction will enable you to do all the things you used to feel couldn't be done without coffee - such as taking a break or getting down to work. When your unconscious mind gets the message that your body really doesn't need - or want - another cup of coffee, then you'll find it easy to cut down or even to stop entirely.

And last but not least,
Overcome caffeine addiction will focus on freeing you from the viscious cycle of excess caffeine and give you the sense that you can take or leave it.



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"To love someone, is to give that person the power to break your heart"

I should say..
its kind of true!

Exam Nerves ( Tips for Ielts candidates- esp PPOU 07/08)

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I'm sorry for not updating my blog for quite a long time..I was away last week and when I came back to Uniten, everybody seems very busy to prepare for the next test of calculus(MATF133).

Here I am..want to share something about exam nerves.

Feeling nervous is perfectly normal just before the exam(just imagine when we are in 6th floor at library hall..haha). After all, it is the culminating point of months or sometimes years of study, and you have only a few short hours to prove your abilities to an examiner(just like our preparation for IELTS exam gonna be). However, do not despair! There are some ways you can control your nerves.

The two most important factors in minimising exam stress are preparation and organisation. Ensure well in advance of the test that you know where you are going, how you are getting there, what room you should be going to and at what time. Check that you have the right equipment (pen, pencils,erasers, ID, a watch ant etc). Some people even go so far as to lay their clothes out the night before, making sure even the smallest detail is prepared.

Another important factor for a successful exam is sleep. Going to bed slightly earlier than normal, waking up in time for a refreshing shower and a good breakfast have proven benefits. Do not stay up all night cramming as this will leave you tired, and what you have not learned by now you are unlikely to learn in one long night. Relax as much as you can.

When you arrive at the examination centre, avoid speaking either in your native language or discussing possible exam questions. This will only make you nervous, but more important you should be using this time to get your brain thinking in English. It can be a good idea to find someone who is not from your country and just wish them good luck! This might start a short conversation which will help you start thinking in English.

During the exam, make sure you keep a close watch on the time and remember the planning and preparation skills you have learned. A lot of students find themselves panicking, mistakenly thinking that they don't have time to follow the skills they have learned. The results for these kind of students are always the same, and always dissapointing.

You will almost certainly meet a question or two in the reading or the listening that you cannot understand. Remember that every question is worth one point, so do not spend too much time lingering on the most difficult and then losing points that were easier. With one hour to read the text and answer 40 questions, you have an average of one minute per question; if it is taking longer than that, put a mark in the margin beside the question and move on.When you have finished the easier questions, you can come back to the ones you found more difficult. As a rough guide, very often the first answer you guess is right, even though you may not full understand it - thrust your instincts!

As a final word, just remember this. Only you know how hard you have worked to get this far: confidence in your ability is the most important psychological key to success, and nobody , not even the best linguist in the world, understand everything!

Hope it will help you all to facing the Ielts exam soon...

Source : Ielts High Impact,

May is Birthday Month!

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It's May. And it is a birthday month!

The 1st of May was my beloved mother's birthday..every year I must get her a present and fortunately every year seems easy to find her one (not as tough as to find a present for my dad..haha). As I grown up from a teenage life to the adult life, she is transforming from a mother to my best friend! I shared every single thing happen in my life to her..what exactly I want in my friends..she understands me well..and always NAG at me..hahah..I love her so much more than words can say. I remembered she told me about how much my father has done to my father being such a romantic person to her and the way he care about her..made her eyes sparkle like pearl in the oceans, but eventhough he is romantic..she never get any rose from him! There's must be a reason which I cant understand. So, ahaa! there she a symbol of everlasting love that is essential to be the present for her this year. I made a big surprise plan that only my father knows. On the 31st, I went to Batu Pahat(without telling her..of course!) and I slept at one of my best friend's house( Aqila). ANd the first thing in the morning, I asked my father to pick me up and bought a bouquet of red roses..decorated by a very nice florist! Without wasting any time..we rushed back to my house and tadaaa...SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

I cant tell you how happy she was on that beautiful day. I know..I am everything to her. We watched movies together the other day(only two of us at GSC BAtu Pahat)..can you imagine that? She's so flattered! I'm so glad she likes my surprise homecoming birthday..I am so glad,

One of the reason why I badly wanted to see her because..she's got a very high blood pressure(175/110..a normal people should get 110/80). I need to be with her and make her happy. And it did..I love you, mom! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Teacher's Day(16th) and.....Happy 20th Anniversary this coming 29th of May..each year, May always makes you special!

The second one..on the 3rd of May was Syazana's Birthday!

She's one of the hogryslywarts team that I respect so much, (I've introduced her in the older post recently). She's sponsored by JPA(will be flying to Ireland after 2 years preparation doing A-level at UCSI) and a dentist-to-be..insyaALLAH! We have spent a lot of memories together. She is the one who created our motto('Ruet Dnispiref Si veren Renese'). She is the one who strongly make out the sleepover party each year. She is so creative in many parts of thinking. She' s very good friend with very good heart. She's not talkaltive like me but she's not the strong silent type of person. She's a bit lazy sometimes but I know she can score with flying colours in her exams. No worries. Happy Birthday to you..sweetheart! Hope our friendship will last forever, ~aminnn..

The third one is on 5th of MAY. She's one of my best friends too in the Hogryslywarts team. She has a very strong character that admire the most. She is so happy-go-lucky girl that you dont even notice when she has problems. She is my psychiatrist! I told everything to her. I can count on her every time I need her the most. She will always always always be there for me whenever I want her to be. She's the only friend that understand me soooo well that can make me happy even I had the worst nightmares. I want to tell her that I am so grateful to have her as my best ever friend in the world..that I never forget her..that I'll always be okay whenever she gave me her sweetest smile and warmest hug..I truly appreciate that! Thanks so much RAFIDAH, and a very Happy Birthday!
LOve you so much guys!

7 is Wonderful! I love SEVEN,

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manja dengan family
sekolah sama jantina since tadika sampai form 5! huh,
sangat sayang kawan dan mementingkan persahabatan,
time tido suka mengigau(my friends la bgtau..maybe its true)
kurang air boleh jd dehydration
suka cakap..cakap..cakap
suka gila purple

Allah swt
bila result exam teruk
bila saya ada buat kawan susah hati
bila terpaksa menipu untuk jaga perasaan orang
bila nak menghadapi kematian
bila takde air
bila saya tak dengar suara ibu bila saya perlukan dia sangat2

melodi bersama-amar
someone's watching over me-hillary duff
jay chou's songs
jangan bilang tidak-raffi ahmad
perlu kamu-kris, ajai
true friend-hannah montana
with you-chris brown

*kata kawan aku banyak sangat aku cakap samapai dia pon tak tkira..haha..kejam2! Antaranya:
aku kan..
tu la pasal..

my prestigio (bakal ditukar x lama lagi..hahaha)
my mind
my Xpress Music
everything about tiArA
masalah2 dunia..masalah kawan..masalah diri sendiri(ececeh..)
kasut..ngan beg!

travel sendiri from changlun>langkawi>kuala kedah>alor star>butterworth>changlun again>batu pahat..dalam masa 3 hari sahaja..gila!
melihat jenazah depan mata
pernah buat ibu menangis (sumpah xnk buat lagi!)
bawak handphone time form 5 (padahal prefect nh..alahai..)
kena lari kat tennis court time prep sebanyak 3 round.. (sebab mantee add math aku x lulus! isk3)
langgar tembok depan rumah masa tengah drive kereta baru ibuku yg baru dpat sebulan..
maen kompang depan sultanah johor masa jubli emas stf

ntah ek..haha..sorry

P/s : Actually, I've been tagged by princess, I hope it makes u happy my dear azie!