May is Birthday Month!

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It's May. And it is a birthday month!

The 1st of May was my beloved mother's birthday..every year I must get her a present and fortunately every year seems easy to find her one (not as tough as to find a present for my dad..haha). As I grown up from a teenage life to the adult life, she is transforming from a mother to my best friend! I shared every single thing happen in my life to her..what exactly I want in my friends..she understands me well..and always NAG at me..hahah..I love her so much more than words can say. I remembered she told me about how much my father has done to my father being such a romantic person to her and the way he care about her..made her eyes sparkle like pearl in the oceans, but eventhough he is romantic..she never get any rose from him! There's must be a reason which I cant understand. So, ahaa! there she a symbol of everlasting love that is essential to be the present for her this year. I made a big surprise plan that only my father knows. On the 31st, I went to Batu Pahat(without telling her..of course!) and I slept at one of my best friend's house( Aqila). ANd the first thing in the morning, I asked my father to pick me up and bought a bouquet of red roses..decorated by a very nice florist! Without wasting any time..we rushed back to my house and tadaaa...SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

I cant tell you how happy she was on that beautiful day. I know..I am everything to her. We watched movies together the other day(only two of us at GSC BAtu Pahat)..can you imagine that? She's so flattered! I'm so glad she likes my surprise homecoming birthday..I am so glad,

One of the reason why I badly wanted to see her because..she's got a very high blood pressure(175/110..a normal people should get 110/80). I need to be with her and make her happy. And it did..I love you, mom! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Teacher's Day(16th) and.....Happy 20th Anniversary this coming 29th of May..each year, May always makes you special!

The second one..on the 3rd of May was Syazana's Birthday!

She's one of the hogryslywarts team that I respect so much, (I've introduced her in the older post recently). She's sponsored by JPA(will be flying to Ireland after 2 years preparation doing A-level at UCSI) and a dentist-to-be..insyaALLAH! We have spent a lot of memories together. She is the one who created our motto('Ruet Dnispiref Si veren Renese'). She is the one who strongly make out the sleepover party each year. She is so creative in many parts of thinking. She' s very good friend with very good heart. She's not talkaltive like me but she's not the strong silent type of person. She's a bit lazy sometimes but I know she can score with flying colours in her exams. No worries. Happy Birthday to you..sweetheart! Hope our friendship will last forever, ~aminnn..

The third one is on 5th of MAY. She's one of my best friends too in the Hogryslywarts team. She has a very strong character that admire the most. She is so happy-go-lucky girl that you dont even notice when she has problems. She is my psychiatrist! I told everything to her. I can count on her every time I need her the most. She will always always always be there for me whenever I want her to be. She's the only friend that understand me soooo well that can make me happy even I had the worst nightmares. I want to tell her that I am so grateful to have her as my best ever friend in the world..that I never forget her..that I'll always be okay whenever she gave me her sweetest smile and warmest hug..I truly appreciate that! Thanks so much RAFIDAH, and a very Happy Birthday!
LOve you so much guys!


syazana said...

Thank You Farahin!!!
That was soooo touching!!

Keep up the good work k.. I notice tht u r getting better and better in ur writing ! ; )

Only one downfall though, my pics are hideous!!!

tiArA EmiLY said...

U are welcome syazana..
thanks to you too!

Sorry dear(for the picts..that's ONLY i've got!). I promise we'll take some more great picts later in the future ok? ahaks~

Thanks for everything..

atiqsaleh said...

ur mum!heh