Starting A New Life here..

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Hello there..
Actually I dont know what to write but I think I just want to tell about my ambition which brought me Uniten to be in such an extraordinary person..INsyaALLAH!!!
Since I was a kid, I always want to be a mom did not know,because she always have a dream that her kids will be a doctor, engineer, pharmacist, pilot, and so on...So, I was like dont want my mom to be dissappointed just because I want to be like her, to be a TEACHER!
In my school, I used to be an attentive and very determined to success..but, unfortunately, for my UPSR I've not get the full A's..while my other classmates got 5A's...and when that happened it tought me a loTTTT!!!
As the saying goes, When theres a will, theres always a, I've turned to be extra hardworking and not giving it up, pray to Allah SWT, the perseverance paid in the end...I've got 8A's in PMR..having offered to Sekolah Tun Fatimah,Jb and finally got straight A's in SPM!
And now, I have big problem to settle it AMBITION!!! I really admired my teachers soo much, their patience and strength have inspired me all let it worse, my mom always want me to be a DOCTOR,
But, I have to speak out..I told myself that this is my life and I have the right to stand for my decision! I finally have the courage to let my mom understand my situation and what I needed the most in my share my knowledge to others and to contribute my best effort on helping our people..
Luckily, my mom supported me eventhough I know, deepest inside her heart she wants me to become a doctor..I have to admit that my mom is the BEST!!!
She's become so understanding,caring,loving, and supportive mother...I LOVE U MOM!!!
And with the prayer and blessed, I am so grateful to get this scholars from MOE, beeing in PPOU's , beeing such a strong-bond-family that I have never thought it will be before...
I swear to myself that I will fulfill my target(4.0 CGPA) and hopefully I can do my IEALTS with flying colours!!!
And later on, flying to Aussie or New Zealand and after graduate...I want to be the greatest TEACHER ever!!!
Last but not least, hope we can meet again with the next coming blog.
See ya!!!