Water Conservation, We Conserve Together

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Seen from outer space, the world we live in looks almost like a globe of water. Yes, the earth is indeed covered by a lot of water. Unfortunately, the water filling much of the surface of our beloved planet can hardly be used due to the high level of mineral content in it, especially salt.

Taken directly, seawater is almost totally useless; it can neither be used for agriculture nor farming, nor is it suitable for home consumption. A few industries do use seawater for mineral extraction but it is usually an expensive affair to process seawater. In Singapore for instance, seawater is being treated for crude use like flushing,but it is generally still unsuitable for human consumption.

The fresh water that we used daily and often take for granted therefore comes from different sources. For a tropical country like ours where rainfall is abundant, water can be tapped from natural springs and rivers after a downpour. As rainwater seeps underground, there is also the possibility of extracting underground water for our usage.

Since rivers and underground water remain two of the most important sources of usable water for us, it is crucial that we ensure that these sources are renewable. As water is a source of life for all of us, we are responsible for ensuring that our rivers are not polluted. Authorities should also play their part in ensuring that all water catchment areas are not carelessly developed as this might directly reduce our water resources.

Closer to home, we should also try our best to conserve water. We should not take it for granted that water will always be available. Water rationing in various parts of our capital city during El Nino phenomenon was a clear signal that even the tropics, we can run out of water to use.

Simple steps can be taken at home to reduce wastage. For instance, we can fill a bucket with sufficient water to wash our car rather than use a hose. Water from our washing machine can be used to water plants instead of beeing simply drained away.

Water is indeed an important aspect of our lives. In this country, we can take three showers a day because water is in constant supply. In other countries where rainfall is luxury and dryness is the norm, water is precious commodity that has to be used carefully.

Nevertheless, we too must not take water for granted. We must use it carefully to ensure that we continue to enjoy the availibility of clear, fresh water. The most important thing is people all over the world not only have to share water as the greatest world's resources, but we have to conserve it together!

I hope you enjoyed reading these theme issue, I really hope the purpose of writing it will be useful and motivate us to be grateful and responsible. Special thanks to Audrey Lim's article which I have read related to this topic, it was really helpful though. Last but not least, hope to see you on the next upcoming issue; Money(Financial Matters) and Natural Resources.