130808 i love you~

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im not a kid.
i dont want to be treated like one.
im not stupid either.
i know what i have to do.
n im sick of inconsiderate, selfish people.
drama shouldnt be my main concern now.
i have a community project to complete by end of this year.
whats so wrong with me missing a couple of memories??
others can do it on the basis of having a flu,or hust oversleeping.
i have work!!
the freaking project is going to be my priority.
plus the outstanding assignment to pass up.
i dont know how to complete my coding.
it's been a year
today is suprising
i was like dumbfounded by unsolved mysteries
i need to see psychologist
i need to hear from him
everyone seems understand and shows their empathy faces
time is life,
and now i know my life will always be
like it should be
no more tears
move forward
and S.M.I.L.E :)


jentayuh007 said...

I wanna say hepy 13 of august..
sabarlah n tenang kan diri...
Insyallah Allah akan tolong kamu..
send me email or anything..
i'll need time to get all my life back to the normal..
thanks a lot..
hanye Allah yg boleh balas segala jase awak..

tiArA EmiLY said...

happy 13th of august too!
how can I be patient and calm
like nothing happen
i wonder how,

tiArA EmiLY said...

i'll be waiting