1st August = to???

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What does the 1st of August means to me??
Hmm.. *think2*
For all of you lost souls,1st August is "Friendship Day"!!!!Wee..
Let's talk about this event related PPOU first, alright?
The members of the hall have discussed, and we came to a decision that providing 'dedication' service is the most appropriate activity for this kind of day.
And the luckiest person to take this big responsibility were Ct, and Azizul.
Since the event is going to be held in the last week of the month, we planned and decided to sell these :

Set A : Chocalaties ( got Cadbury, Nips, Cloud 9, Kisses, and so on)

Set B : Lollichoc ( got Chupa Chup's Lollipop and 5 cadburies..)

Set C : Twinapple ( got one RED apple and one GREEN apple)

Set D : Spacyflower ( roses...RED, PINK, and YELLOW in colour)

Loads of hardwork, passion, and cooperation were needed to make this event a success.
As the saying goes, " Perseverance will pays in the end"..I should be proud to say that all of PPOU *especially to the GIRLS who gave their best and hundred and ten percent cooperation in making this "Friendship Day Request" a success (accocrding to the plans).

Here are some photos that I captured during the making of the 'Friendship Day Request' :

~kak izwani is working with the ribbon~

~from left : kak husna(laila), fika, dayah,ila_cute, and tiArA(selotape specialist..ahaks)~

~from left : naimah (holding the CHOCALATIES), kak alia, fika (again?), fikri (working with the ribbon's decoration), and kak nad~

~from left : naimah(again?), najwa, nor, sahrul, azizul, rais, and lee (working with the choc's)~

~from left : kak zawani, izzat, fizuan, hairul, mohsin, and ajim (lollichoc specialist!)~

Before that, I would like to wish ' Happy Birthday' to kak Husna. Hope your dreams will come true! All the best in your life~

And also,
I would like to wish "Happy Friendship Day" and special thAnks to:
  • My Hogryslywarts Team (Rafidah, Syazana, Atiqah, Fadhilah, and Hidayah) for always be there supporting me no matter how hard I fell, how arduous I tried to reach my goals, how difficult my life in past, present and future~ I LOVE YOU ALL!!! damn much though,
  • XoXo : for endless love and care..friends forever?
  • my Chesco : especially to Mok, Mama Nawarah, Mawar, dorm mates E3-1 etc.
  • PPOU ;
    - the closest : Kak Izwani, Ajim, and Ila (thanx untuk segalanya~ syg kamu semua)
    - Fatin Aqilah, Kak Zawani (I am truly inspired by your leadership and motivation skills)
    - my housemate : Sapura, Adibah, Sarah
    - Faige, Najwa, Ct, Dayah, kak husna, kak fifi (for your effort and creativity to colour the rainbow of our friendship)
    - kak Alia, kak Nad, Diyana, Naimah, Fika (for your strength and cooking skills..ahaks~)
    - hamdi (for calling me cikgu all the time and thrust!..heh)
    - and all MOE, FELDA, BNM, MARA buddies (it's the best memories ever to knowing you all~it's an honour having all of you as friends~))
  • my SPC's friends : Khalil, Alyn, Nira, Azie, and Jasmin (korang sume best!)
  • sahabat2 seluruh dunia yang mengenali atau tidak mengenali saya..(HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!)
tiArA (^_^)


nono said...

syg kak farah jua!!!tanx sbb salu ajar kte n bg pnjam bku2...heee =D

tiArA EmiLY said...

no big deal! :-D

Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...


thanks for mentioning BNM... haha...

good games yesterday night... WE WON!!!(even though number 3) - I hardly believe that...

doakan kami di BTN ek?? hmm x per lah yg 10 hari bulan tuh kalu dah x boleh dtg nak wat camner kan...

aku doakan ko and ur friends in PPOU supaya sentiasa teguh menghadapi cabaran and dapat berjaya terbang ke destinasi yg di idam-idamkan... dan semoga bukan sahaja mendapat kejayaan di dunia ...tapi mendapat kejayaan di akhirat sana..



jentayuh007 said...

heppy friendship day too...
sori cos not really celebrate this thing... hehehe..
jgn jual mhl2 sgt tau..

red pisces said...


tiArA EmiLY said...

to ammar,
haah..x sangka menang la
rezeki kan?
sape yang tau..bila nk dtg
bila nk pergi
cm nk g rumah kau tu,
takde rezeki maybe~
next time..
mungkin dtg masa kau nk hidang nasi minyak kat kitorang nnt..

thanx for the wish
kau pon same
duk kat negara orang elok2
jgn lupa kawan dah~
nnt konfem x dapat anta kau n kawan2 sume..
so, pepandai take care

last but not least,

tiArA EmiLY said...

to jentayuh,


tiArA EmiLY said...

to rais,

pe ehem..ehem..?

jentayuh007 said...


nono said...

ni apa cite nih kak farah???HAHA knapa ngn rais tuh???kahkah

tiArA EmiLY said...

to nono, ntah lah adik nono, kak farah pon x tau la apa cerr ngn rais tuh, tnye dia sendiri..haha