Its July already..

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strangely enough,

my life has completely ran full circle in exactly one year ++, around three semester and this coming sem will start.

things are back to the way they were when i first got here. the inseparables are sort of back =)
n well, the rest of them too, are back to how they were in the beginning.

not surprisingly, each sem seems bring us so many rumours and a lot of assumptions have been made and i'm afraid what will I face in the future undertaking = (

and of course, result for the last sem and IELTS also will come out and I am sooo freak out~


jentayuh007 said...

wow.. a new layout.. lawa2..
hehe. tp maner purple nyer?
emh.. aneh nih...hehe..

tiArA EmiLY said...

Thanx to Azizul jugak because dia yang tolong edit kan layout ni,
dah mintak kat dia cari yang purple tp x dapat yang betul2 cun laa..
Its ok then,
pe yang penting isi kandungan blog tu sendiri!