Happy Birthday to my SE-teacher-to-be buddies, cT!

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“Sweet 20++ MEK TI” , the cake sounds like. It was Siti’s twentieth birthday on the last 12th July 2008. There were seven young charming guys and seven pretty wonderful girls having a birthday party to celebrate SITI!

The venue : Pizza Hut, The Mines Shopping Centre

Time : 9 pm, 11th of July 2008

It’s a simple birthday party actually. I don’t know how to describe much. We were having fun together.

To Siti,
If you read this, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday to you. May Allah bless you in any way that you wish for. I totally believe we can still be friends forever even we might be separated when we go overseas. You are such a nice young (20 tu kira muda ke? Haha) lady, very sweet, childish a little bit (byk sebenarnya..hehe), happy-go-lucky, caring, loving, sempoiii…and many more. Love you Siti Nor Fatimah, may our friendship will last forever.

Best wishes,tiArA