Members of PPOU 07/08

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It's been a while since I last updated my blog, this new layout made by my ppou beshties who is Azizul. It is not purple at the first place but its okay as long as it is simple and not so crowded.

This new post are specially dedicated to PPOU batch 07/08 under Ministry Of Education(MOE) and FELDA. The new sem has started with fifteen to eighteen credits per hour and the subjects are as listed below :

Introduction to development psychology

Pendidikan Bimbingan dan Kaunseling

Pengenalan Kerja Sosial

Kokurikulum - kayak

Peradaban dan Integriti


Replacement subjects (calculus and physic) - for those who are required to take

The first week of the new semester was not ready for any lesson so, the dean who is incharge in our community service projects...urged us to choose the leader and the members of community service programme for this year, make our first draft of plan about the projects, and pass up the proposal by end of the week.

The first meeting was about deciding who can be responsible to be the members of the house of PPOU. The team has made their choices and this is the result :

  • Pengarah : Hamdi bin Adam

  • Timbalan Pengarah I : Mohd Sahrul bin Hatta (FELDA)

  • Timbalan Pengarah II : Zawani binti Din (MOE)

  • Bendahari : Nur Diyana binti Abd Halim

  • Setiausaha I : Noorul Husna binti Suep

  • Setiausaha II : Siti Noor Izwani binti Bahaudin
  • Exco kebajikan dan keselamatan : Mohd Rainney bin Ngdiran & Shafiqah Arifah binti Aadnan

  • Exco pengangkutan dan logistik : Mohd Fazhil bin Ali & Hazimah binti Ashamuddin

  • Exco perhubungan awam dan protokol : Mohd Rais bin Jalal & Nurfarahin binti Baharul'ulum
  • Exco tugas2 khas : Mohd Syafiq Izham & Nurshafikah bt Amiruddin

  • Exco makanan : Uzair

  • Exco promosi dan tajaan : Joseph Lau & Fatin Aqilah binti Mohd Fazhil

The second meeting is to make the first draft about our big project. This project is mainly about community service and members of the house have decided to go the village of the Asli people. As I am incharged to the exco of public relation so I have to deal with Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli for the best place to go and seek for their personal advices. After we discussed with two officers in the department, we can conclude that :

the best place to go : Kampung Pantos, Kuala Lipis, Pahang

the date : 10 - 13th October 2o008

The dean asked us to pass up the proposal on Firday morning, so the high council of the house need to stay back for the preparation for the next meeting which was held on 10th July 2008 at 4.00pm, level 6, IKAL. The meeting was done successfully but the problem is we have to brainstorm the activities and tentative of the programme as the dean commented the arrangement was so typical programme. He wants some new-fresh-creative ideas..

Then, the project manager asked us to stay untill the new proposal and budget plan are ready to release. Here are some of the faces I captured last Thursday night, everybody seems exhausted :

Finally, the proposal plan was finished at 12.15 am (Can you imagine how long we have stayed in Ikal?).

The next day, while the dean was reading and approving the proposal, the others were discussing the next steps to make sure we can reach our budget ( because it was such a big money to make : nearly RM20,000-rough draft ).

Here comes the next action, many plans were listed to make the dream comes true. But the first move is to be an entrepreneur. The same day, Kak Zawani, Kak Izwani, tiArA, ajim, and Ila went to buy the things needed for the business that we are going to make especialy for the upcoming event: bazaaar upten!

These are some pictures I captured also before and after the shopping activity :

I will report the next stage of the project soon okay?
Lots of work to do now.
Untill here..toodles!