flyhigh~ PART I

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Its been so long I left tiArA's life. So, I decided to make a short post yet meaningful.

Last 12th February 2009, I went to a foreign land which some sort of isolated island called New Zealand. Its Canterbury, Christchurch to be precise!

The picts showed lots of my family were there supporting me to fly high~

However, there is NO stupid face of me crying like a one litre of tears. To SPC's friend and Ila, I am very very sorry sebab x dpt nk say a proper goodbye and peluk cium korang or at least bergambar dengan korang. Sorry sangat2!!!

It's the first time I fly with aeroplane(MAS airlines) and surprisingly, I have a very bad memory while flying. Haha

I did not eat anything before I depart so its kind of my stomach was not functioning well and the plane was like flying ups and downs because the weather was super bad(have to tighten the seat belt and all). Unfortunately, I have to use the sick bag because of the airsick :(

And I cant eat the bbq chicken which was suppose to be my dinner on that plane.

Diyana gave me an airsick medicine. I fell asleep. And only woke up about 4 hours before arrive Auckland(transit to domestic plane: Air NZ)

Ate some nasi lemak.

And here I Auckland!!!

While in Auckland, I had different stories.
I'll update later in Part II.
Love u all!


mr anonymous said...

"one small step for a man/woman, one giant leap for mankind"

Princess Azi said...

wow my pic is there! ;p

gudluck sis.
itsokey la xsempat nk hug say goodbye and all. kitorang paham k :)

take care :)