flyhigh~ PART III

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Assalamualaikum wbt,

Photo1 : homestead lane which is our flat lane
The next we did was university of canterbury tour. We've never been to the university before so instead of lay low in our homely bed we decided to travel through the university. That time, our seniors were working therefore we're like lost somehow inside the university and practically went home after we sorted out the mess we've made. haha

Here is the University of Canterbury!!!! : Photo2
In the evening, kak ayu (our third-year senior) kindly invited us to go to BOTANIC GARDEN!!!
The sun was freaking hot and you would easily get sun burnt if you're not wearing anything to protect your skin. Yet, the temperature is practically freezing and that's why you are seeing my friends and I wearing sweater and all. I'm getting used to this. Burning up one minute, teeth chattering the next; it's kind of interesting..yada yada~
Some interesting facts about Botanic Garden :
The Christchurch Botanic Gardens inspires and educates visitors by showcasing flora and fauna of New Zealand and other parts of the world.

Founded in 1863 with the planting of an English Oak tree, the Gardens now features one of the finest collections of exotic and native plants found in New Zealand.

Towering majestic trees - many over 120 years old - dominate the Gardens, forming a striking backdrop to the extensive themed plant collections and sweeping lawns.

A loop of the gently-flowing Avon River, criss-crossed by bridges, encloses a large part of the Gardens while the adjacent 164 hectare Hagley Park enhances its natural splendour.

The Gardens is an oasis in the city of Christchurch - 21 hectares of beautiful horticultural displays, several conservatories, memorials, garden art and walking tracks.

The Gardens are open every day of the year and admission is free!
Photo3-9: here we are in the botanic garden,

Photo10 : autumn trees(refer to mohabbatein blockbuster hindi

Photo12 : inside of the big Christmas tree!

Regards from us at the University of Canterbury.


mr anonymous said...

byk nyer bunga lawa2 kat sana,,, hehe

uya ahmad said...

wow..summer pon ade bunga lagi???
cantik nye duk sane....
tapi rase nye, klau da duk lame sgt kat sane mesti borg jugak kan????
anyway, i envy u...

jentayuh007 said...

to pura..
Iowa ader aper, salji pun tak abes lg... haha...

uya ahmad said...

hahaha..tu la pasal..
tension betul la aku ngan salji si siot itu....
huhuhu...aku nak balik msia!!!!
summer sentiase...hehehe..=)

khalil said...

oo..summer lg syiok ek..alhamdulillah...muahahahahahaa!!

k.farah, gmbr2 tu bnyk yg gelap sket tang muka..da x nmpk muka yg cun mcm nanako matsushima tu..kui3!


uya ahmad said...

khalil, farah pggl kakak...
kite tanak pggl kakak ke???
ammar, rais, azan, amri, hazrool, vincent, tanak paggl abang???

yeah, summer takde la seseronok yg d sangke kan.....sebab, die bahang tambah panas kering...kat msia panas lembab yg best....=)

khalil said...

weks!!! abg? euuu.. sorg je bley..kih3..

dorg tu bro je

Anonymous said...

Tiara, have a lovely time there in NZ. Post more pictures for me to drool on k.


teacher wiz

Miss Eliza said...


wahh... glad you've made it to cater uni... a great place indeed... do study smart and at the same time enjoy the experience living with the kiwis... hehehe...

my warmest salam for the other ppou students kay...

p/s: proud that you still continue writing your blog... hahaha... muahhss