flyhigh~ PART II

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ATTENTION : This post MUST BE read from bottom to top due to author carelessness.
To be continue...
Photo12: in front of the famous Christchurch cathedral square.

Photo 10:with seniors in front of a lake

Photo9 : the city

Photo8 : the chinese lantern festival
Luckily, the city got an eventful day for us as the chinese lantern festival were held. The decorations was superb but I'm very sorry that I cant post lots of pictures here. Maybe next time.

Photo7 : vodafone
Done with the bank account. We've brought to the vodafone to buy a prepay phone card and my number is +6402102520305. If you are from Malaysia, you can text me that cost only RM0.20.
Next, we went to Riccarton Mall and lots of places to complete all the housewares. This time the seniors are being extra helpful to buy the perfect thing with the perfect price.
Thanks to them( kak ayu, kak dyla, kak wan, abg irwan, abg ainan, abg fifi and all)!!!

Photo6: ride the metrobus
On the 14th of february, the seniors brought us to the ANZ bank to open our student account where the scholarship money will be sent into, settled the travellers cheque, applied for credit card and IRD number(for decreasing the tax if we want to work).

Photo5 : my room :)

Photo5 : the dining hall

Photo4 : the dining room

Photo3 : the kitchen
By the way, the flat got 6 rooms, fully furnished and luckily all my housemates are my friends from UNiten taking the same course.

Photo2: taken from the fire exit door from our flat.
Then, after everything solved.
We hurried to check in and managed to catch the plane on time. I sit next to a kiwi named Lane who is 18 years old and like to hunt a wild deer. He has a very beautiful blue eyes and very friendly. He taught me some Maori words and how to pronounce it correctly.
I sit next to the window so I can tell how tidy,organize, and beautiful Christchurch is.
After boarding about 1 hour, we arrived Christchurch Airport and be picked up by the seniors.
They are super duper nice, helped us with the accommodation procedures, carried the heavy luggages to our top floor flat, and prepared the dinner for the house warming welcoming party that night.

I love to mention that they cooked us chicken paprik and omelette..served with rice. So malaysian.

photo1 : in the bus
After we arrive Auckland, we went straight away to the check in luggage for domestic departures but unfortunately, we have some ticket problem as MOE only gave us a printed paper giving details about the flight ticket.
Luckily, there were 4-5 kindful seniors from Auckland showed us the place to pray first and the right way to go to the domestic airport where it takes 10-15 minutes from the international airport by bus.
Accompanied with all the heavy luggages, the helpful seniors escorted us with a very ponderous progress. As we arrived at the domestic airport, we have the same problem for the ticket and we have to wait about one and a half hours for everything to be cleared up. The seniors brought us some sandwiches and mineral water that made me to be grateful enough of their presence.


mr anonymous said...

wah lawa nyer Cristchurch...

BaBaS KnoWLeS said...

korang dah autumn ek kat sana...?
Ktorang sini mcm belum ada tnda2 lagi daun2 kat sini nak luruh..
Apa2 pun.. Uni korang mmng cantik..

Puas la korang brgambar ni kan...
All da best 4 U too...
4 all of U...