12 more days to GO...

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Every morning I wake up and count the days
from today, looks like my time here in malaysia
is running out~
Each day, I enjoy the precious moments with my
beloved family.
  • have a great great special treat meal every single day with my mom's cooking
  • have my mom's hug every night
  • have my dad and the whole family to eat 'tomyam' and 'sup lidah' together
  • have facial treatment with mom
  • shopping with mom, sister, and lovely shopping-mate aunties
  • have kopitiam and girls' day outing with hogryslywarts and aqeela
  • balik kampung to look after my paternal grandfather..get well soon!!!
  • enjoy bullying my little sister, Nadirah
  • enjoy screaming like hell after my sister and brother bullied me back..haha
  • watching marathon movies~
  • enjoy being sleeping beauty for a while..gagaga
  • etcetera..etcetera..etcetera

I'm going to miss all of this after flying to New Zealand soon :(

I end this post with my brand-new-hot Bonia watch picts.. :)

first time got this kind of special-unique watch box

unexpected watch list-Bonia, i'm hoping for Fossil though :*


khalil said...



tiArA EmiLY said...

to khalil,
i'm afraid
i'm going to miss u a lot!!!!

mr anonymous said...

emh.. menikmati masa yang ade.. Alahamdulilah.. ceria2 selalu...

uya ahmad said...

i got fossil la sayang..hehehehe...
just for $15..hehehehe....

tiArA EmiLY said...

to mr anonymous,
yep..that's the time I got
and I need to appreciate it,

to uyaahmad,
ye la tu.. fossil kat malaysia dekat rm400,
mana sama ngn price kat US
berlagak ek,
nanti kau!

ieQaH~FieQa said...

weh bli ke org bagi??hehe

tiArA EmiLY said...

to ieqah-fieqa,
beli la..
mana de org nk bagi
jam mahal2 kat aku..

uya ahmad said...

kekekeke..tak mase tu g florida..sale..i got myself two watches..fossil and adidas...tapi takde la gurly like urs..hua3....erm..pasni, nak beli byk3...kekekeke.....