::A Precious Moment Together::

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Sleepover was super fun this year. We didn't have the normal watching-movie-together session but instead we watched our last sleepover that took place in Far's house. All of us laughed like mad watching ourselves. Its amazing how time flies and all you're left with are memories...sigh...

So, after watching the video, all of us got cosy in Syaz's room and talked all night long while munching on leftover pizzas and Syazana's delicious chocolate muffins. I absolutely loved the muffins because they weren't that sweet and I could taste the bitterness of the coco powder. Out of all 5 of us, I ate the most muffins..hehe..I even took some back home. Thanks Syaz!

We had a barbecue the next day. Yay!! Syaz and Far made the salads while me, Fadh, and Tqah were in charge of the barbecuing. Syaz's mum already prepared the chicken with the marinades and also the sausages. All of us ate like there's no tomorrow and when I went back home, I was still full till dinner. We went back home late in the afternoon with a full stomach and a happy heart.

I will never forget this years sleepover because me and Far got lectured by our parents. Well, I think I got the worst lecturing compared to her because both of us were in Subang but because of this sleepover, we took the earliest bus to go back to Batu Pahat(BP). We reached BP on Wednesday night and went back to Subang on Friday morning. So you can imagine why our parents weren't that happy with both of us. But its worth getting scolded from my parents because I had a blasting time with my best friends. Like what Far said, 'Appreciate the time you have with your loved ones so that you won't regret later in life'( or something like that).

Oh, by the way, I'm going to get Tqah and Fadh later one day cuz they pulled a prank on me and Far on the night of the sleepover. You better watch out guys!!
Too bad Daia couldn't make it for the sleepover though. She's way too busy helping her parents out. Don't worry Daia, we never forgot about you even for a single minute during the sleepover( obviously I'm lying, but really did miss you very much..sob..sob..).

I wonder if we can have another sleepover soon?? How soon I wonder? After 4 to 5 years?? Hmm, whatever it is I'm looking forward for it to happen.
Lots of love,

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Azirah Mat Yusop said...

celunutnyee aaa denga cite die.
kite da lamee x wat sleepover ngn membe.

Yeahh sleepover mmg a great thing and everyone must at least experience it once in a lifetime. Bez an?? Hehe.

Well, rite now i'm thinking of having sleepover too. After such a looooong time of being apart with all my bff. Uhuhuh...

Nway, mmg ptt kne mrh pn! Hahaha.
kiddg2. ngeh2~

Syaz said...

eh, how come raf yg tulis?? nice though... but, can i have the pics yg lain.. (mcm2 betul saya kan??).. gmbr yg bbq, i think dkt far punya hp..

tiArA EmiLY said...

I will bluetooth it to you syaz,
aku baru je notice ada lagi gmbar yg tak terdisplay
esok jumpa
aku bluetooth k?