NO Doubt,

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Finally, final is over!
Now, got Ielts exam on 21st of June.
Without class or the workshop..I dont think I can pass the exam with the target band.
It's so sad that my ppou batch 07/08 did not get the same treatment as our seniors.
Talking about the exam just now.
I only have to take two papers..which are Physics ( CODE:PHY132) and Calculus 2 (CODE:MATF133).
But, those two papers transformed me to behave like I'm not me..haha, ~something like that~
The physics which was tested on Monday was so-so.
While the calculus which was on Tuesday, (OMG!) it was so so hard that i cant imagine. The questions need us to show our calculation nearly 2-3 pages (as I've got bigger handwriting).
The time is limited.
It's hard that I cannot do confidently.
I managed to calm down.
And let bygone be bygone.
Of course, I'll repeat that paper next semester.
There's no doubt about it.

Now, I'm writing this post using my best friend's laptop (PASSWORD: vitruvianman).
If you read this RAf, you have to make sure that you change your password after this.
Subang is a nice place.
I like it.
There's so much freedom and you have to meet many people, different type of people that you have to get used to it.
Think better and appreciate more.
Here, I've found the people that dont have the same 'wavelength' with mine and cant reach my 'frequency'.
I have to adapt and habituate myself.
One day I'll study abroad..and I'll see the same situation.
Malay's here are likely to become westernized.
You can make friends with them because somehow there're nice but be careful and pray to God that you'll not easily get influenced by them.

Yesterday, I went to watch movie with Ila.
Prom Night is a light movie, not so're having fun actually.
Then, shopping..bought very nice leather *****,
then straight away coming here.
Suddenly, Syazana's texted me.

"Jom sleepover at my house! My dad xe smpi 18hb..I was thinking of having a barbecue..Jom3x!!!!"

At first, I thought..I cant make it..its so fast and crazy.
Usually for sleepover party, each year..we've planned two or three weeks before but, this time its just happen yesterday!
And today,
we (me and raf) are going to slumber party 2008 at Syaz's place!
~girls ONLY~
ok then,
till here