Get DOwn!

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just came back from home ysterday
my mom's sickness drove me crazy
maybe she missed me too much
reached home on wed's evening
then, my sis got very low blood pressure
and she's feeling weak
likely to become unconcious
my bro got his camping programme
no one at home
except my father
who also not very well
he's got his slipped disc
i'm the one who're in good health
and can do the house chores
even so sleepy and exhausted
from the journey last night
but i told myself
"I have to be strong!"
took care of them all the day
a tiring day
after breakfasting on that day
have to study
final is just2 around the corner
really messed up this time
i dun have the 'mood'
i told myself again
'Dont give up!'
until this precious time God give me
i am still *****
(dunno how to describe what i feel right now)


Ammar bin Ahmad Faris said...

farah, tabahkan dirimu...

dalam surah al-baqarah...ALLAH berfirman yg bermaksud : "Allah tidak akan menguji seseorang itu melainkan menurut kemampuannaya..."

tiArA EmiLY said...

terima kasih sahabat,

iBnUaDaM said...

salam...that's what a great teacher did...
and i...
really really respect u...
just b strong...
n u know better than i do...--"wallahu maa'ssobirin"...just keep it in ur heart...

tiArA EmiLY said...

thanks hamdi,
sure I'll keep it..

kaptenjack said...

fara be strong fiza ke yg kene tekanan darah rendah tu??lame aku x ketemu aku jumpe mak ko...kat skool...xde lak citer...take care ok??