because nobody wants to move a muscle

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hello everyone,

it was one of the script's line in Ice Age 3 and Jurassic Park 3 once ago.
y the third series of both movie must have this line once again?

i certainly agree.

nobody wants to move a muscle
because the result of sem 1 was out
it was great when I've got A+ in anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing mechanism
and linguistics subjects
while all the kiwis are not having so much interests on those.

nobody wants to move a muscle
because we've only got B+ for communication disorders
while it is our hard core subject
and to be on top
to be secure
you have to get an A
dont u get it?

nobody wants to move a muscle
because here I am experiencing the first week of sem 2
and I'm taking
(a) psychology of social, personality, and developmental---++i was like huh?
(b) child and adolescence development---++interesting!
(c) intro for acquired communication disorders---++dr megan mcauliffe is so hot! she's totally fascinating~
(d) science, maori, and indegenous knowledge---++i was like what the??

nobody wants to move a muscle
because i just heard that international student quota for
speech language first professional year got only 4 places ONLY!

nobody wants to move a muscle
because its up to them!

fr me,
let's go
and prepare for the battle!


jentayuh said...

wat ever happen,
i will always on your side...
dun give up kay!!!!

tiArA EmiLY said...


umm rahman said...

Congrats for gettin A+ & passing all the subjects! Keep up the good work :)

tiArA EmiLY said...

thanx a lot kak ida!
for the support
for the doa
for the advices
and for passing by my humble blog