seriously, dont call me that name again

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dear my beloved hogryslywarts team,
please dont call me lavender brown again
it was so ashamed to watch her snogging Ron
in that movie
looking at her as a very desperate girl
waiting for Ron's endless love!
i am very serious about this
so folks,
have you watched the movie?
i do think it was awesome
and funny too
especially the romantic part
and I cried when the dumbledore died
by the killing curse avadacadabra~
it was heartbroken when i cant watch it with my beautiful charming hogryslywarts
like we always did
and thinking about we are so miles apart
i do miss them
very much~
P/S: i noticed daniel radcliffe seems short, ginny weasley has the beauty, rupert is very good and good-looking actor, luna lovegood is crazier, neville longbottom is nicer, fred and george looks so tall than usual, tonks and lupin made me smile, and hermione despite of her bright side..she has a sensitive-full-of-romance inside!


uya ahmad said...

yeah..the movie is kind of boring than previous movies...
and, to compare with transformers, trans is far exciting than hp..
uhuks....but i'm a fan of tom felton and daniel anyway...

tiArA EmiLY said...

good then,

Hafizah Suhaimi said...
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