I dunno when I am being a jerk so tell me so that I can change,

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hi folks,

there were so much activities went on
but tiArA's life always in my heart
sorry could not write more
maybe..sometimes acts are more crucial than words
hold that thought!

I really dont want to lose a good friend
definitely not
especially someone like you
so if I am being a jerk
if I am bossy around
tell me
so that I can change
I was trying to be nice
that's all
please forgive me..if I'm wrong

I really dont want to lose a good friend,


Wiz said...

Salam Tiara! Sorry for not publishing your comment. YOu have written my name in full in that entry hence the delete. I would like to answer your comment here.

Life as you experience it, is handsomely kind to you. You are there in the beautiful country of NZ and your loved one is in USA. YOu need the eperation in order to feel the longing. It's that missing which would pull you guys close together. The bond would either break or make it, both depend on the strength of your feelings towards each other.

Much later you would look back and appreciate each other even more knowing that both of you have passed all the challenges thrown at you. And that's when you would call me and order that wedding cake of yours. :o)

tiArA EmiLY said...

thanks a lot ms WIz,
I'd love to!

thanks for the beautiful words~