♥your cheantin' heart♥

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5th June of 2009
it was a very big day folks
got one finale test of Communication Disorder
and I'm not doing well
I kept changing my answer
and lots of it
I'm just guessing
and what I regret was
the last question
I know I should thrust my instinct but last minute I decided to change
without on purpose
sad sad sad
because when I checked, my first answer was correct!
Moral of the story: thrust your heart♥ thrust your instinct☻learnt the lesson!


jentayuh said...

i was thinking I dun need to ask anything had happen in your exam.. but i was wrong.. by the way, ade masa kita akan jatuh, sbb kita takkan sentiasa akan ade kat atas.. cuma kita kena bgn dan pandai elakkan lg teruk jatuh.. concentrate for ur final dear...

tiArA EmiLY said...

thanx a lot!

that's all I can say :)