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Many parents quickly identify a type of cry
that believe is an infant's 'hunger' signal,
and when this cry is produced,
they interpret it to mean 'I'm hungry'
and subsequently feed the baby.

Other early signals that parents may identify
include 'let's play'..'my diaper is wet'..or 'I'm sleepy
It is clear that infants have not yet learned to talk
or to purposefully convey these specific messages,
the point is that
their behavior is perceived as communication by their parents.

as time goes on
when the infants grow up
become somebody in life
at that particular time..
parents can't understand their behavior anymore.

they tend to speak out on their own
fond to the excitement and exploration of life
they think they are big enough
and don't have to listen to the elders
who are the wisest person to advice them

why is that?

moral of the story is..
learning is important
parents is to love and to listen to
let their voice out at anytime
because it can remind us!


NuR kHaiRunNiSa said...

uwekkk...uwekkkk..cepat identify type of cry aku!hahahaha=P

tiArA EmiLY said...

tu nanges nak..
nk qada' hajat tp xlepas2