its raining in Ilam

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it's raining,
and today..the only class i have starts at 2pm
and class anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing mechanism
is totally boring ~
rain makes me think twice
either wants to attend class or not
but I always in the positive side
feeling horrible if escape class
but it's raining..
guys, what should i do?

P/s : i know the answer..i should come to class is it? erm, I'll do :) because its my responsibility~


khalil said...

lol..sekali sekala ponteng.. klu kte, kte x ske too hard to myself.

klu da bosan + baca kt umah pon ok + lecturer ajar x masuk pon = ponteng pon boleh! haha

mm, tp x pyh la scrifice kn prinsip akak..:P

just my oppinion

tiArA EmiLY said...

thanx khalil,
pnh ponteng kelas dia sekali