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Do you think you're hot?
nope..not at all!

Upload ur favourite picture of you?

Why do you like that picture?
Because..i dun have any picture except this in my PC at home
plus, i know..someone special like this picture, so..dedicate!
When was the last time you ate pizza?
On 28th of Nov, dating with my roomie (Sarah) before watching Twilight.
The last song you listen to?
womanizer by britney spears..huhu (adeeb, thanks!)
What are you doing right now besides this?
chatting with him + download August Rush
What name would you prefer besides yours?
tiArA emily..haha
aku ske nama penuh aku
nurfarahin baharul'ulum
cahaya kegembiraan dan lautan ilmu!
People to tag :
1. jentayuh
2. sapura
3. adibah
4. sarah
5. princess azie
Who is number one?
~someone special~
Number three is having relationship with?
Say something about number five.
She is beautiful, has perfect life, lots of friends, active in blogging.
How about number four?
She was my room mate in Uniten. She will further her studies in Electrical Engineering at Monash University, Australia.
Who is number two?
My ex-house mate in Uniten. She's now in Iowa State Uni working on her bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering. I missed her so much~
P/s : saya baru balik dari kem biro tatanegara kursus kenegaraan..waa, penat2!


jentayuh007 said...

aik cam pernah tgk jer gambor tuh.. huhu.. nak membalas tag tu yg malas nih, hehe, ok2, on my way kay..

uya ahmad said...

i missed you too..thank you for tagging me..hohoho...